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  1. You use the internet on an everyday basis. While the internet has a huge list of benefits, it has some downsides too. Write an essay exploring the disadvantages of using the internet, specifically referring to internet addiction, and information overload.
  2. Lucky you! You are going on a trip to the moon. Think about three things you would take with you and tell why you would take these three things.
  3. With more professional and college athletes being drug-tested, do you feel that high school athletes should be subjected to regular drug tests?
  4. Pretend that you have superhuman powers. Think about all the different types of super powers that you would have. Explain to the reader of your paper about your superhuman powers and how you use them.
  5. Some of the parents at your school have started a campaign to limit the homework that teachers can assign to students. Teachers at your school have argued that the homework is necessary. What is your position? Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper stating your position and supporting it with convincing reasons.
  6. Explain the reasons in order to convince the judges that your relative should win. These reasons may include what the relative is like or things he or she has done that makes him/her the best.
  7. What are the best teaching methods for getting students to behave well in class?
  8. Have you ever traveled to a place that you found very meaningful and rewarding? Write an essay that persuades others to visit this important place.
  9. He holds nothing sacred and enjoys
  10. the task of lambasting the establishment
  11. Write about a time when you successfully persuaded someone. How did you do it?
  12. If you received any sum of money as a gift, what would you do with it?
  13. Sometimes change can be intimidating - especially technological change. Describe a time when you had difficulty with a new technology.
  14. Everyone has lost something at one time or another. Write an essay telling what you did to find what you had lost.
  15. How do you feel about science experiments? Can you usually do them? Do they help you learn? Do you like to do them?
  16. Have you ever been so excited that you could barely hold it in? Write about the experience and what it was that caused such anticipation. What would have to happen nowadays to give you the same level of excitement?
  17. Think about a family friend or relation that you admire. It should be someone who is a role model for you. Think of a time when they die something that showed their kindness or other good qualities.
  18. Write a short story about an adventure. Traveling to a certain destination for an important reason. Lots of hardship along the way.
  19. Imagine that you had no computer, video games, or TV for one week. Think of some activities that you can do instead to keep you busy and out of trouble. Write an essay to explain what you can do to keep occupied in a week of no computer, video games, or TV.
  20. Have you ever traveled to a place that you found meaningful and rewarding
  21. Should people lease or buy new cars? Make a case for the option that you think is best. Use specific reasons and examples to support your position.
  22. going to the circus
  23. Do you have any brothers or sisters? If you do, tell what they\'re like. If not, tell whether or not you would like to have a brother or sister.
  24. Many people believe that mistakes are an important teacher. We learn by doing, and we often learn most by doing things imperfectly the first time. Write an essay about a time you learned something through making a mistake. Narrate the event clearly and interestingly. Be sure to express your thoughts about learning through making mistakes.
  25. Write a story with a main character of the opposite gender.
  26. Have you ever traveled to a place meaningful and rewarding.
  27. How to blow a bubble
  28. Name how many some kids or teenagers that smoke use a full paragraph
  29. Generational differences in functional motivations to volunteer
  30. The Effect Mass Shootings on Muncipal Emergency Response Policies
  31. How social networks have influenced the bank industry in the UK
  32. See what I upload
  33. eHR Projects Co-ordinating Meeting (minutes of meeting)
  34. Manager's ability to motivate
  35. Fiscal spending: what is his effect on the GDP in Saudi Arabia?
  36. Using fun or strict methods in foreign language learn (a comparative study)
  37. Check the file
  38. Comparison of islamic funds to conventional funds in terms of return(Hypothesis Testing)
  39. Why is gang related crime on a rise in London (more specifically south London)
  40. The Effects of Workplace Diversity Training on Organization Effectiveness in Call Centers in Saudi Arabia
  41. Hospitality - The Importance of Turkish Cuisine on Tourists Purchasing Decision in Istanbul
  42. market plan for BYC
  43. The Effect of Branding on Audit and Accounting Services Purchase Decision in Tajik Market
  44. House prices and financial stability
  45. Is Obesity an Independent Risk Factor in Determining the Severity of Acute Pancreatitis? Experience From Urban-Minority Population.
  46. Tiltle to be edited
  47. talking about how i will strat my own company step by step
  48. Still to be comform
  49. Determinants of Overseas Bound Students Proficiency in English among KMS, KMB, and KPMB Students.
  50. Project (Management Report)
  51. Quality Improovement in Food and Bravage Services at Hotel Instalations. The case of Regency Hotel.
  52. Topic: Brazil economy, Corruption and Petrobras case + current crises due to the government corruption
  53. The 2003 US invasion to Iraq - Causes
  54. Competition and Relationship between China and U.S.
  55. see file named outline
  56. Given case study (see pdf) =) there is to write a project handbook, using scrum (see pdf)
  57. Prostate Cancer Brachyotherapy seed implant treatment
  58. The 4 Disciplines of Execution (4DX)
  59. An investigation into the potential impact of China's two child policy on Education sectors in Shanghai
  60. Iraq 1990 Invasion of Kuwait
  61. Case Study Analysis - Namaste Solar
  62. Death, Dying, and Breveament
  63. Chromatographic monitoring of a Maillard reaction-induced incompatibility between an active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and an excipient mix
  64. Producing pcDNA3.1 eGFP
  65. dministrative topic pertaining to Acquisition Administration which issues have been found and for which recommendations can be made
  66. sainsburys and tesco
  67. Effect of Activity Based Costing on the efficiency of an Organization
  68. Credit report
  69. The Success of the United Arab Federations' Intelligence in the Ramadan War
  70. Concept analysis: Violence to Mental Health providers
  71. Comparison between the conventional surgical aortic valve replacement to Transcatheter aortic valve implantation
  72. Economic Activity in the United Arab Emirates
  73. Economic essay
  74. MBA Action plan table (1250 words) and Personal Reflection essay (1250 words)
  75. Does Media Coverage On Award Shows Effect It's Popularity And What Impact Does It Have On The Events Industry?
  76. The Effects of Post Traumatic Stress and Inner-City Gun Violence
  77. Reflective Journal-The objectivity and neutrality of photography
  78. examining real world events
  79. sainsburys & tesco
  80. Riskiness of autopilot in aviation
  81. cover letter and resume
  82. A Review of the U.S. Economy and its Impact on Transportation and Logistics Management
  83. International Economics and China's Economic Rise
  84. Problem Solving and Innovation
  85. Research Skills and Project Management
  86. Corporate Branding theory and Issues
  87. The nature of management and organizations and organizational structure, culture and learning
  88. Project Management Plan
  89. Economic disscussion
  90. The Los Angeles Raiders in Relation to Hip Culture and Black Masculinity in the 1980s
  91. The Role of a Professional School Counselor
  92. Approach and Avoidance Motivation in Eating Disorders
  93. Learning Disability - Reading Improvement White paper vs colored paper
  94. Assessment and recommendations for Corporate Entrepreneurship
  95. Evolution of C4 and CAM Plants
  96. operation and maintenance of marine electricale plant
  97. Analyzing Data
  98. Cultural Perception: The Barrier to Hospice Care Among African American's
  99. Any topic that follows the listed requirements listed under the details
  100. Schizophrenia: Social and Functional Outcomes that affect decision making
  101. ELIZABETH AND EMMA as Representatives of Feminism in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice and Emma
  102. Master of Public Health Final Assignment Paper-Final Community Assessment and Community Health Improvement Plan-Galveston County,Texas
  103. Intermediate Microeconomics
  104. Significant health trend
  105. Marketing Math - Microfridge Case
  106. antibiotic resistance
  107. The role of resistin and leptin in the pathogenesis of obesity
  108. Digital Communication Plan
  109. Clarify with the customer
  110. #ИМЯ?
  111. Business Environment and Strategic Management
  112. Evaluating the Service Quality of Hong Kong Tramways by SERVQUAL model
  113. Current economic indicators to assess the state of the local economy.
  114. Current Issue Paper Assignment
  115. The Genovese Family
  116. In your role as a Marketing Manager for a stated organization of an FMCG company in Malaysia of your choice, you are required to complete the following assignment that has been requested by the newly-appointed Managing Director.
  117. BIG DATA: Can Google use big data to create a personal assistant?
  118. The significance of the Solomon's Temple
  119. I will provide with the list of the book that are potentially good for writing a book review, if you know any of these books well please write it about it. I need only one book to review and also i need the writer to write about only about the books that are provided by the professor. I will provide the details of the review and the list of books that my professor gave me. I also need the citation in the format of footnotes.
  120. Gerard John Schaefer
  121. Non-State Counter Intelligence and the its similarities to the public sphere
  122. Conflict, Humanitarian Aid and Social Reconstruction (CHASR) Assignment
  123. select a fictitious company operating in one country and analyse the international management challenges that this firm is expected to face by entering, setting up and operating in an institutionally distant country
  124. Kidnapping
  125. Follow Instructions. choose one of the topics given for the research paper.
  126. Mortgages
  127. The Metadata and it's role in the E-Discovery.
  128. describing some sort of computer application or use that relates to your major or a field which interests you (education aspect)
  129. Fiduciary duty of directors in benefit corporation when there is a change of control
  130. Business Plan - The DAP: Dengue Away Papers
  131. eport for one of these case study organisation(s) in which you propose an appropriate global marketing strategy for a new country/market.
  132. Chaucer's Canterbury Tales as a portrait of the rising middle class in the Middle Ages
  133. Discuss the increasing use of network storage architectures. Explain the basic concepts including the Direct Attached Storage(DAS), Network Attached Storage(NAS) and Storage Area Network(SAN). Discuss different commercial network storage platforms including products from EMC and Network Appliance.
  134. Historical development of facilities management
  135. How does innovation contribute to competitive advantage? Support your answer with illustrations from both manufacturing and services.
  136. Building an Integrated Supply Chain Network
  137. Topography of human vascular system
  138. Ray, Marilyn Anne Theory of Bureaucratic Caring
  140. Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  141. Juvenile Delinquency Prevention
  142. New Product Development and Innovation Stratergies
  143. Why is homelessness such a serious concern as it relates to children and families?
  144. the use of checklist to improve the reading comprehension skill
  145. The Voice of Saudi Women Among the Society
  146. International acquisition cultural implications
  147. Revenue and Pricing Management
  148. postnatal lung development
  149. Active DAS stadium
  150. Theoretical Framework - Does inquiry-based learning increase academic student performance for high school Latino/Latina ESOL students?
  151. Financial Statement Analysis MIDTERM
  152. Project Management Plan (using PMI template)
  153. Applied Behavior Analysis Research and Application
  154. Unequal Under Law: Race in the War On Drugs reading response
  155. Market Segment Analysis
  156. Understanding Death, Dying and Bereavement
  157. Shape Memory Effect of Polymers
  158. Job satisfaction and Dissatisfaction among primary teachers school in Saudi Arbia
  159. SOC120: Introduction to Ethics & Social Responsibility
  160. Soccer and Politics
  162. Operations and information management
  163. Sim brand project report
  164. Dissertation (Chapter: Analysis and Findings)
  165. Social women entrepreneurs in kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  166. Food insecurity in Occupied Palestine and Israel
  167. How should state judges be selected?
  168. Expansion for the CBT
  169. industry placement
  170. Cost of Capital.
  171. How can sports be used as a postive tool for young males in youth work?
  172. Multiple topics but all linked and in one paper, as will be shown in the attached document, instructions are there.
  173. The Behavior of Law book review
  174. Why was the fence built between the Israeli and Palestine?
  175. I will attach two pdf files, one will have the instructions and the other one will have some notes you can use. The instruction pdf will also have links and instruction that will help you complete the paper.
  176. How motivation affects second language acquisition?
  177. luxury industry
  178. New Venture Concept Co-working Space in PJ & JB, Malaysia
  179. The consequences of environmental destruction for ethnic minority communities in Indonesia and Malaysia
  180. Stroke
  181. Physics
  182. Theory- Practical Application to Real Life Situations in College Sports Leadership
  183. Thesis on anxiety and how the student-teacher relationship affects the level of anxiety
  184. The Political Economy Of Mexico
  185. The affect of violence against women act
  186. Compare Sidney's 'Astrophel and Stella, sonnet 3' with Shakespeare's sonnet 21 or 83
  187. logistic and linear regression
  188. XXX Sentenced for Fraud
  189. How Students Feel With Persons Who Have A Criminal Violence Conviction History
  190. Leprosy in the USA and Armadello surface area
  191. Primary Hyperparathyroidism and Preeclampsia in Pregnancy
  192. Strategy Project Paper
  193. how celebrity personalities uses crisis management
  194. ACF305 advanced financial accounting and reporting
  195. Leadership and Organization Dysfunction
  196. Market Entry Of 361 Degrees Sportswear (China) Into Malaysia
  197. Business Plan
  198. Analysis of the Nursing Unit's Quality Initiatives
  199. Marketing Research - pick the best topic and then writer it in the paper
  200. Disaster Risk Reduction - A Comparative Study between the UK & Australia
  201. Tranformative learning
  202. Quantitative Methods&Applics - Statistical Analysis of Adult Literacy Programs
  203. Shoulder Differential diagnosis
  204. Intelligence Systems in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)
  205. Technology and its impact on the healthcare industry
  206. Samuari and its impact on japan's business These Days
  207. Haidilao Hotpot (Global innovation section)
  208. Does uber continuous business model upgrade help them to stay ahead of the local cab companies and the competition in the US cab industry?
  209. The Relationship between the Service Quality and the Customer Loyalty in Retail Banking Sector in the UK.
  210. Risk Assessment
  211. Business plan on a new Idea on an UBER like app for barbers
  212. Financial Report
  213. supply chain management strategy.
  215. Converting Alcoholic beer to Non-Alcoholic beer
  216. Complete Final Research Paper
  217. Pauline Method of Ministry and Missionary Service
  218. Assess leaderships styles and big 5 personality traits of those leaders within the restaurant business vs military leaders
  219. PV
  220. Thesis statement: Reporting of intra-operative errors creates a clinical imperative for physicians to begin a discourse reflecting respect for patient autonomy thereby building increased trust and confidence.
  221. City Marketing
  222. Brand Management
  223. Regional development
  224. Hemodialysis
  225. Mental illness and how it relates to criminal activity.
  226. The History of Data Models from 1960 to the 1980s
  227. Predictors of academic success
  228. The Role and Life of a Clinical Mental Health Counselor
  229. Logistic and linear method
  230. Source Journal (money, economics and income inequality)
  231. Aristotle and the distinction between between "natural" and "unnatural" exchange and worried about social impacts of latter
  232. Classroom Actio Plan
  233. Plz see what I upload
  234. Professional, Ethical & Legal Issues in Healthcare (International/Singapore)
  235. Mattress Firm part 2
  236. Change Theory
  237. understanding of business and management research
  238. the evolution of racism and slavery (focusing on black people)
  239. ALCOHOL IN U.S. SOCIETY Essay Questions
  240. Regional development in South East Asia
  241. Strategic Marketing. Understanding and evaluating the business model of a Company
  242. US Amendments impact Research Paper
  243. Admission Essay (RE Application)
  244. the muslim community in venezuela
  245. the brand is called kottons. i have to make a business plan to get a loan so i can start the business so it has to be a profitable business.
  246. apply the essay "missing: 163 million women" by Mara Hvistendahl to help reconsider concepts of cosmopolitanism and shared practices from Kwame Anthony Appiah's articles "making conversation" and "The Primacy of Practice"
  247. Human Resources Culmination Presentation
  248. Select an online brand and produce a report critically evaluating its competitive marketing strategy.
  249. Evolution of Avian Influenza.
  250. Seminar Through Power Point Presentation
  251. financial modelling
  252. Emory Hospital in Atlanta Ga.
  253. The effect of physical activity on heart rate of men and women.
  254. Choose a company with a marketing challenge today, and analyze.
  255. 10 PR articles
  256. Business Strategy Case Analysis
  257. The Housing Market
  258. The possibilities of Western Balkans joining the EU
  259. urgent, art history short answers
  260. financial
  261. Domestic Violence against African Immigrants in the US
  262. South Korea
  264. Marbury v. Madison, Judicial Review
  265. See the attachment
  266. Restriction of Prescription Authority in the State of Florida
  267. The Role of Study Groups in the Acquisition of Idiomatic expressions for Arab (Omani) College Students.
  268. maths 2 for business
  270. Competitive Advantage: Why are businesses with a competitive advantage in market share, unit cost, or product performance more profitable than businesses with no advantage in any of those areas? How has the Internet affected competitor intelligence gathering
  271. You Are an Investment Analyst
  272. Wolf Hirschhorn Syndrome
  273. Age Graded Theory
  274. Examine competitive advantage
  275. Trade Policies: Developing Nations
  276. theory application
  277. Seventeenth Century Problems in the 21st Century: An In-depth Look at Modern Slavery
  279. Advanced writing
  280. security policy
  281. Operation and maintenance of marine electrical plant
  282. managing
  283. zara case study
  284. A Bright Star Declined
  285. answer each questions with an short essay
  286. Final exam case analysis: Ningbo FOTILE Kitchen Ware Co., Ltd.
  287. Group report : People, Management and Organisation Assignment
  288. Defamation Act 2013: effect on defamation and whether it strikes the right balance between freedom of expression and the right to a reputation
  289. Emergency Department Throughput and Costumer Satisfaction
  290. Written Assignment.
  291. Are cognitive distortions the answer for the persistance of depression in treated Celiac Disease patients?
  292. PAC Resources Inc. Case Study
  293. The Case of Luther
  294. a midterm project check the attachment
  295. The Evolution of Cost Accounting
  296. effect of stimulation os carotid body mainly on cardiovascular, endocrine and renal like in hypotension
  297. Homelessness in Wisconsin
  298. managing business strategy
  299. Write a Research Proposal
  300. Football-Related Concussions
  301. Read and choose one from the list.
  302. Ebenezer Cady
  303. Polyamorous Relationships
  304. The purpose of this capstone project to increase nurses competency in evaluating and implementing evidence-based practice by developing an process for nurses to identify patients with elevated A1Cs.
  305. Marketing Communications,Social Media, and Customer Response (Measuring Customer Awareness & Comprehension: When a business has an excellent marketing communications program and customers indicate high intention to purchase but there is a very low customer response, what kind of a marketing problem does the business face?)
  307. History of Easton, Pennsylvania compared to New York in 1840
  308. Discuss the impact of globalisation on poverty and inequality
  310. Should we raise taxes on fast food to curb obesity in the UK?
  311. Two banks are about to merge together
  312. War has shaped the evolution of the notion of state sovereignity. Conversely, newer forms of war contribute to sovereignity's demise with the advent of militarised humanitarian interventions. Discuss.
  313. How to Model and determine threats /how to conduct vulnerability assessment
  314. Why were the freedom riders the most influential civil rights group?
  315. Firm Analysis-AL EID Food Company (AFCO) & Alyasra Foods, Kuwait
  316. Financial report and analysis on Greene King and Marston's
  317. The severity of civil wars: a quantitative analysis report
  318. A Reflective Report
  319. Muhammad Cartoons in Jyllands-Posten, 2005, Some art is political and some art becomes political - consider the works initial function as well as the controversy it generated beyond the art world.
  320. The "PRO" of Individual computer scientists are responsible for the applications of their work.
  321. Contaminated Land - Cork Decklands Project
  322. Breast Cancer
  323. Cross cultural communication
  324. GR US 500
  325. Total Quality Management and the effect on employees (hrm topic)
  326. New Drug Approval
  327. how should interior design tack in account the need of the color blind student in school
  328. Health Care in U.S. vs France & Canada
  329. Legal and Ethical Considerations in Marketing, Product Safety, and Intellectual Property
  330. Financial report on Greene King and Marston's Brewery
  331. American Exceptionalism
  332. Obseity predicts breast feeding practices
  333. Probability and Statistics Class
  334. Current Issue reflecton
  335. research future trends and sustainability
  336. Process Improvement and Change presentation
  337. hybrid or conducting coating for corrosion prevention of metals
  338. LGBTQ Rights In Canada
  339. Measuring Campaign Effectiveness - Measurement Techniques Report
  340. intermediate economics
  341. Law Enforcement
  342. What makes modern women in the Gulf or Arab Countries ?
  343. see file named my outline proposal
  344. Enterprise Risk Management ERM
  345. Managerial Accounting Olympus Optical Company, Ltd. (A): Cost Management for Short Life-Cycle Products
  346. CEO/Executive pay too high
  347. Death, Dying, and Bereavement
  348. A comparative essay on Adjudication and Arbitration in a Sri Lanka
  350. Stakeholder analysis paper
  351. The affect of Milankovitch cycles on Earth's climate.
  352. Just find an interesting topic
  353. Partial Research Proposal & Review - Quantitative Based - "the use of e-learning and simulation as a method to enhance student retention in information security awareness training."
  354. Organizational Transformation
  355. Critique Essay
  356. East Asia in the World
  357. Effective Teaming with an Organization / work group
  358. Revision of my essay
  359. Project.
  360. individual portfolio
  362. Handstar,Inc. Trip Planner
  363. Innovation Engine
  364. Residential Fire Sprinkler System: A New Technology
  365. Individual Assignment 1
  366. see attachments
  367. The Nursing Shortage
  368. Atom Economies and the "Best" Synthesis
  369. Comprehensive Care Plan for CAD
  370. I would like this questions to be answered without citation
  371. The History of Easton, Pennsylvania with a comparison to New York in the 1840's
  372. Any company that fits assignment description
  373. The online shopping and the hologram technology
  374. Innovation and Technology Management
  375. Current Events, qualitative and quantitative analysis
  376. Differences and similarities between Martin Luther King and Malcom X
  377. Urban Water Quality - Does the increase in urban population leads to decrease water quality? (Paper must include the Paper details)
  378. Research Philosophy and Practice
  379. Strategy " Toyota"
  380. the role of cultural influences with facial expressions of emotions
  381. (MA) Applied Linguistics: Explicit and Implicit Teaching of Grammar in the Classroom: Pro and Contra
  382. Individual Differences:People with brown eyes have personality traits of leadership.
  383. Accounting for Managers
  384. accounting for managers question 3 and question 4
  385. Paternal PostPartum Depression
  386. Crime Prevention Initiatives
  387. Environmental Justice- Does The Location of Chemical Waste site Lead to Higher Cancer Rate Among African American?
  388. Advertising
  389. Human Sex Trafficking and the Pyschological Effects of its Victims
  390. obesity
  391. a credit report on Premier Foods plc
  392. Pfizer and Allergan Deal
  393. Electronic waste
  394. Finance Paper
  395. The Global Influence of Transnational Corporations: A Critical Exploration of their Role and Relationships
  396. Business Plan for cannabis cultivation in Puerto Rico
  397. Career counseling and the effects of mental health
  398. Case Study Report
  399. Comparative Essay (Review)
  400. Configuring Windows Server 2012 Services
  401. Professional Leadership
  402. Read The attached carefully
  403. Senior Seminar Project
  404. water and my body
  405. Annotated Bibliography topic The Professional Nurse Leader and Manager
  406. The Midterm Sales Letter : Topic => Less Female Gender Ratio in Computer Engineering
  407. Tort Reform and Racial Prejudice
  408. Anpassungsstorung - Inwiefern kann man eine Selbsttherapie mit einer professionellen Therapie durch einen Psychotherapeuten vergleichen?
  409. Human Rights, Immigration and Discrimination in particular in the context of Refugee Law
  410. analysis of corporation/samsung
  411. Change mangement
  412. reading review / critique
  413. Civil Engineering (Civil Engineering Project)
  414. short answer
  415. the correlation (or impact) of food insecurity on childhood obesity
  416. marketing plan ( social media marketing)
  417. Graduate Project Manager
  418. Tourism Destination
  419. Work Design, Organisational Change and Development
  420. Nursing theory
  421. Performance Management Proccess
  422. Financial Resources Management
  423. JOURNAL OF PALLIATIVE MEDICINE Volume 12, Number 1, 2009 © Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. DOI: 10.1089/jpm.2008.9690 A User's Guide to Research in Palliative Care
  424. Entrepreneurship and Venture Creation
  425. World War II
  426. Naltrexone Treats Alcohol Dependence
  427. association of aging, sexual activity and the risk of breast cancer
  428. Exegesis of Hosea 10:11-15
  429. My Dream School
  430. The creation and purpose of the European Union
  431. Appeal letter
  432. Breif Stress Reduction Techniques
  433. Individual Essay
  434. Virtualization and could computing
  435. Is there an association between cancer and atherosclerosis?
  436. There isn't and can never be, a single universally accepted definition of Terrorism. Discuss.
  437. A research paper about Jerusalem (Title depends on the writer. )
  439. Socialism vs Capitalism
  440. Assess and Evaluate the Global Corporate Social Responsibility Model and its Ongoing
  441. Assess modern trade theory
  442. Module Project on - Factor Analysis of Personality Data.
  443. Subsidies, Intellectual Property Rights, and the WTO
  444. What is the role of every type of S100 and CD34 in schwann cell proliferation in rat sciatic nerve regenaration?
  445. Food Processing Plant Hygiene
  446. Cross Media Marketing
  447. The South Was Right: Defending the Southern cause in the Civil War
  448. Advocacy Campaign Report
  449. psychopharmacology of alcohol
  451. importance of Blaidder filling and Rectal empty prior to prostate radiation
  453. Financial Success Vs. Passion
  454. Strategic communication(issues management, corporate reputation management)
  455. Case Study - Nucor Corporation
  456. Communication Theories related to safety in health care organizations
  457. I will upload to two pdf that have the questions and instructions.
  458. Measuring Service Quality of The Muslim Friendly Hotels in Thailand and Its Impact on Behavioral Intention
  459. Methods and Analysis Section of EBP Proposal
  460. Methods and Analysis Section of the EBP Proposal
  461. Practice Guide Summary Report
  462. Wet Sieve Analysis and Atterberg Limits
  463. what the impact of accounting principle on companies profits: The US-GAAP versus Japan-ASBJ
  464. literature for Business Intelligence's Components, benefits. And BI Maturity Level (IEM)
  465. Services Marketing
  466. language development
  467. Tax avoidance, tax evasion and anti-avoidance legislation possibilities
  468. Compare Ivory in "Sister" with Ethan in "Close to the Bone": describe these two characters' relationship with their Vietnamese heritage--as with the option above, if you find them similar, say specifically how; if you think they are different, be clear and specific as to how and why they are different.
  469. The Primary Care Clinic
  470. Nutrition
  471. Social Contexts of Entrepreneurship
  473. Student Sholarship essay for Surgical Technology/Surgical Assisting Practitioner
  474. A Past of Childhood Abuse and Neglect: The Saudi Community in Comparison to the Non-Saudi Adults
  475. Malaysia
  476. Case study/ discussion
  477. Discuss to what extent immigration can influence the receipt labour market.
  478. Explain historical context of 1 primary source ( within the begining of the 18th century to the end of 19 th century)
  479. U.S. Army in Humanitarian Operations
  480. Coastal Zone Management- Must include all the information from the paper details and other information to write the paper.
  481. Ethical Leadership
  482. Discuss the utility of theoretical models of culture change
  483. effective security management
  484. Hotel in Dublin,Ireland
  485. richard iii
  486. The Business Case for Due Diligence: A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Corporate Due Diligence Practices for Responsible Business Conduct
  487. Critical Reflection
  488. Leadership Critique
  489. Ethics paper on Gun Control
  490. Linear accelerated motion/ Two body collision
  491. Abnormal psychology
  492. Membrane Separation of Gases
  493. Social psychology
  494. Foreign Exchange, Purchasing Power Parity: FDI and International Balance of Payments
  495. Complete and polish up existing project (and provide all SPSS outputs to support paper and presentation)
  496. Financial Research Report
  497. 5 Five Dynamic Dimensions for Effective Teaching
  498. Problem Statements - Dillard’s, Inc.
  499. literary analysis of "I, Robot" by Isaac Asimov
  500. Pagan/christian influences in Beowulf
  501. modernity and poverty
  502. How can globalisation affect the expansion of firms in foreign markets? Critically discuss the factors that a company has to consider.
  503. Clinical Application of Theory
  504. Information Systems Strategy and Development
  505. the forbidden city
  506. 2007 tour de France- Doping
  507. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
  508. Sustainability -Must include everything listed Paper Details
  509. Implementing an expansion of services to include Mental Health Services for youth within the Juvenile Justice System who have received treatment for sexually based crimes and cannot access Mental Health treatment post release. The youth will benefit from continued services via Tele-psychiatry; affording the youth with monitoring and counseling until appropriate, affordable alternatives can be achieved and guaranteed with the target outcome of decreased re-offense rates, within the first 12 months of release.
  510. role of the adult gerontology nurse practitioner
  511. Lemna Report
  512. Analyze Barriers to Trade
  513. American Red Cross
  514. Nursing Journal
  515. Text/Book Summary
  516. Text/Book Summary---Mind Siege The Battle for Truth, by Tim Lahaye
  517. Literature Review Assignment: Career exploration in pharmaceutical sales.
  518. Book review #1. The Georgia Gold Rush
  519. Sheridan Healthcare SWOT analysis
  520. Bending beam theory
  521. Cyber-ethics and legal practices for preventing unauthorized Technology usage in Organizations
  522. Technique(s) or scheme(s) or method(s) for detecting, preventing or mitigating DoS or Distributed DoS (DDoS) attacks.
  523. this essay, you will discuss someone or something that has had a significant impact on your identity and explain that impact to your audience, your readers. The impact can be entirely positive or entirely negative or anything in between those two extremes. What matters is that the impact on you from this person or thing has been substantial from your perspective. Here are some possibilities to consider writing about: a family member (parent, sibling, grandparent, etc) a friend a teacher a writer a coach a musical artist a job a conflict a marriage a class And that’s just for starters! This essay is an opportunity to write on anything or anyone that you want that has changed you, or affected you, or in some way influenced the direction of your life. Just keep in mind that your essay must adhere to the assignment requirements.
  524. Regulatory ph7101
  525. see week 5 uploaded paper for the details .
  527. Expresso Espresso Case Memo
  528. Final Annotated Bibliography
  529. Final Draft Project Part Two from Rough Draft Part One Order: 231431066
  530. Final Project - Phase 2
  531. The impact of drugs on a fetus during pregnancy
  532. Fahrenheit 451
  533. Canada Should Increase Sanctions on Iran
  534. Student rights
  535. Applying Theory to Practice
  536. Discrimination & Systematic Racism in Employment in the U.S.
  537. ENG102 research paper
  538. Mattress Firm part 1
  539. Sexual Prejudice -Study of Polyamory lifestyle
  540. Survey anaylsis of discrimination in Healthcare, Incaceration & Employment in the United States
  541. Canada in the Global Marketplace--How World Class Firms Achieve Success.
  542. Financial Accounting Ethics
  543. Project cost estimating and budgeting
  544. Garden Cities -Must include everything listed in the paper details
  545. Exploring the Cultural dimension in International Business
  546. Strategic Marketing Plan
  547. Native American Languages and Culture
  548. New Media Marketing
  549. Employee Commitment, an opportunity to enhance Customer Service at Medical Associates Hospital
  550. Nursing Concept
  551. Organisational Theory
  552. What is the impact on domestic violence impact on mental health in regards to
  553. Accounting question
  554. already there
  555. compare and contrast the similarities and differences in Dietary or fasting practices/rituals in islam and christianity
  556. Elektromagnetische Wellen
  557. managing people
  558. mathematical modeling- Roast beef receipe
  559. Phenotype and function of NKT cell in Cynomolgus macaques
  560. Significant factors influencing the adoption of automatic identification and data capture systems for car parking and determination applicable system for abu dhabi.
  561. Developing Manduca sexta as a model for microbiome research
  562. Does Our ideology obligate us to enjoy?
  563. Educational leadership type and style
  564. Religion and Healing In Global Perspective (Religions in Asia)
  565. “Should the United States adopt a patent box regime?”
  566. Discuss the importance of creativity in business. Consider different attitudes to creativity and innovation, different sectors and entrepreneurial approaches. Provide examples of entrepreneurs and explore their approaches to creativity and innovation. It is important that you provide a clear distinction between creativity and innovation and use a wide range of examples and reference all sources. Sources must be credible and varied (6-8 per paragraph). You should develop your argument in a logical way so that your conclusion follows from the evidence you provide.
  567. 22 bullets film
  568. Aveccina
  569. Linguistics Research
  571. Managing Individual Behavior
  572. Branding
  573. Analysis of seawater in Galveston Bay Galveston Texas
  574. A proposal to develop evidence-based recommendations for motivational interviewing (MI) with African-American women with prediabetes
  575. Quality Management and Engineering
  576. Second hand smoking
  577. The mobile playbook
  578. Hotel Riu Plaza Guadalajara advertising campain
  579. Turnaround time of stat sample is one of the most indicator reflecting the laboratory service and this can cause delay in the treatment and increase the duration of stay in the Emergency Department.
  580. Photography evolution
  581. Computer Exercise on Viscosity
  582. cyclothemia
  583. the impact of social media use on teenagers interpersonal development
  584. Racial Hierarchy Through Mass Incarceration
  585. Ethics, Technology and Trends in Testing
  586. Departmental Contribution
  587. How low-income and food insecure people could overcome obesity, overweight and associated complications through suitable heath interventions (Motivational Interviewing). Or Reduce the Vulnerability to Diabetes Management in Obese Low Income and Food Insecure people by Motivational interviewing.”
  588. Urban Regional Planning - Environmental Justice Theory include information on Paper Detail
  589. Philosophy and theoretical model for nursing administration
  591. Social & Business Responsibility of converting business to EMV cards
  592. The EU should admit the Western Balkan countries soon even if they do not meet all criteria. Discuss.
  593. Research Poposal The Philadelphia Art Musuem
  594. Marketing plan for two new products
  595. Adaptation strategies of prokaryotes in desert ecosystems
  596. anything under the instruction * i wanna send the instruction as PDF but there is not an attchment icon
  597. Ethical Dilemmas in the World of Biotechnology
  599. Performance Through Business Process Engineering (BPR)
  600. Pick an industry/business/application for case study using data mining or data warehousing
  601. presentation + essay(3pages)+speaker notes(2pgs)
  602. Psychological and Sociological affects of the DaVinci Surgery
  603. Root Cause Analysis
  604. Should schools embrace technology as the new form of “teachers” and move forward with society?
  605. The Political Practice of Natural Hazards Control in Austria and the Question of Climate Change
  606. what if Saudi Arabia and turkey created a coalition send troops in Syria to fight ISIS
  607. Behavior Modification Project
  608. MPH- Public Health
  609. The effects of fast food on children
  610. Contemporary Issues in Management
  611. analyse company financial statements
  612. Health information system professional
  613. Business and Ethical Leadership
  614. Educational Research Proposal
  615. Music and Fashion -from punk to grunge
  616. Regional Economic Integration
  617. Conclusions and Recommendations
  618. history 4020 science and technology since newton... ESSAY about the "romantic era"
  619. Read the case study about Farmac Plc on the following pages, and answer using relevant conceptual frameworks, these questions. The assignment submission should be in report format, as an audit of Farmac Plc’s operations.Read the case study about Farmac Plc on the following pages, and answer using relevant conceptual frameworks, these questions. The assignment submission should be in report format, as an audit of Farmac Plc’s operations.
  620. Secret of the Wild Child: The Revealing Story of Genie
  621. To what extent can parental investment theory, first proposed by Trivers (1972), explain differences in male and female psychology?
  623. Journal #1 (25 points): Summaries and Responses
  624. Renewable Energy Coursework - Bladed
  625. Student project
  626. Students with reading disabilities experience difficulties: The Effectiveness of Using Assistive Technology.
  627. advertising theories
  628. Basic 4 Business Eithical and Legal Enviromental Issues (Questions), (1st 800,2nd 800,3rd 300,and 4th 500 words)
  629. Business Strategy for Tourism and Hospitality
  630. Personal stament for anesthesia speciality
  631. Resume for technical writing class
  632. What are the impacts (or difficulties) that Saudi Arabia may face when it applies IFRS instead of SOCPA in 2017 take in consideration Canada as a case study
  633. Memory Loss
  634. Draft Social Research Report on Research Question.
  635. Creativity and Innovation
  636. Development of nuclear security exercises at a Nuclear Power Plant
  637. Warfare and Technology
  638. Computer Concepts
  639. Gas turbine Lab
  640. Why, despite the advances of institutionalism and globalisation, is the nation-state still the most trusted institution when it comes to providing security?
  641. criminalization of hiv in canada
  642. Four different topics about food and culture
  643. This assignment is based on the exercises you should have carried out in your own time on the use of Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel
  644. Topics will be in details
  645. Reflection on experience at Fox Valley Older Adult Services
  646. Thoughts On VG
  647. Separate church and state
  648. Scenarios for an education worker
  649. Income disparities (The american middle class is losing ground)
  650. who says elephants can't dance?
  651. Real Estate Appraisal - the profession
  652. Explain what Weber meant by the distinction between formal rationality and substantive rationality. Using these two concepts, analyze whether Scientific Management and Human Relations Theory are formally rational, substantively rational, both, or neither.
  653. Trader Joe's IMC Plan
  654. Choose any of these essay questions
  655. Adolescence Case Study Analysis
  656. decriminalize marijuana-marijuana is less harmful than other legal drugs like alcohol and tobacco
  657. Evaluation of the Effectiveness of food safety in Carmichael House Catering Operation
  658. External and Internal Environments
  659. student debt crisis
  660. Walmart- Human Resource
  661. Chapter 4 Strategy Formulation - Dillard's, Inc
  662. International Business, Economics and Cultures
  663. Select two or three examples in design, architecture, fashion or popular culture to consider whether they reflect dominant ideas about race and/or ethnicity. Drawing on relevant theories, evaluate the cultural values they uphold and embody.
  664. Reflective Portfolio
  665. Legalizing Assisted Suicide in Virginia
  666. the effect of leadership styles on employee engagement in governmental sector
  667. AJ's Burger Joint
  668. Statistical Analysis Presentation
  669. Freud and Obeyesekere, the dreamwork and the work of culture:
  670. Analyse the Governance disclosures and evaluate the extent to which you consider the company's corporate governance mechanisms are adequate and effective
  671. Chem Extra credit
  672. Internet Security
  673. Intervention and evaluation
  674. Mechanic Can crasher
  675. Student's Reflection from the SAT Scores.
  676. BarBerBoom! (Business plan part 2)
  677. finite element analysis
  678. Human rights presentation
  679. Managerial Finanace
  680. Social Innovation in Low-income Urban Areas
  681. Ethical Theory and Moral Philosophy in Environmental Ethics
  682. Rethinking Leadership : Critically analyse and discuss the leadership in which a specific leader has been (or is) involved
  683. Proper Usage of Product Placement
  684. What part can states play in addressing global environmental problems and challenges?
  685. The Pianist - The Holocaust - Warsaw Ghetto and Ghetto Uprising, 1943
  686. Case study on United States Postal Service (USPS) from a strategic accounting perspective
  687. Business report about Netflix international expansion strategy
  688. administration and supervision
  689. Nursing Theory Analysis Paper
  690. Principles of Management
  691. The Constitution's Basic Provisions
  693. Strategic Business Analysis
  694. Capstone booklet manual appendix
  695. Dental Medicine, Endodontics
  696. According to the 2001 International Law Commission's Articles on the Responsibility of States for Internationally Wrongful Acts, what are the legal consequences of breaches of peremptory norms of general international law and who can invoke them?"
  697. teen pregnancy effects on culture
  698. International Regulation of biotechnology products
  699. I want to investigate the psychological effects the convenience of technology has on human behavior (Revision of Order 228377004).
  700. Community Health Assessment
  701. Full Sentence Outline for Volkswagen India
  702. latin amaericans history
  703. summary of your understanding in a capstone project/thesis format
  704. 1. In Joyce's Dubliners, the collection begins and ends with reference to deaths. Both literal and metaphoric deaths may be seen throughout the short story cycle. Examine the significance of this motif. 14. Characters can be trapped or contained within rooms and cages, or within their own identities and circumstances. Examine motifs of entrapment in several stories from The Bloody Chamber.
  705. career portfolio(Future raod map)
  706. John Rawls Theory of Justice- Must include the information listed in paper details
  707. Website Review
  708. How to be an accountant
  709. Exegesis Paper - Matthew 6:9-13
  710. Family Violence Across the Lifespan.
  711. Improving Modern HR
  712. Pneumonia
  713. Risk Communication Strategies
  714. Steroids
  715. The use and abuse of steroids
  716. I don't know what the topic should be
  717. Caffiene
  718. Online portfolio on one particular aspect of agency management/job role
  719. How have you canged by being enrolled in college bound
  720. Does ARBs and ACEi's have a renal protective effect?
  721. Here are the overarching questions: Is there a useful way to watch television? What is it? Are you a healthy or unhealthy media consumer? These are just possible directions, and you're looking, for a more specific topic.
  722. ScienceBite+Article
  723. Organisational behaviour
  724. Children Literature
  725. Topic must be from Edexcel A2 Biology book, (written by Ann Fullick) - choose from the list provided
  726. The ethical imperative for reporting intra-operative errors and how full disclosure impacts patient outcomes
  727. How providing nursery in workplace effect on Emirati women worker?
  728. Occupational safety and health
  729. Recommendation Letter for Behavior Analyst Assistant
  730. Attempting the Technological Fix
  731. perliminary design report: patent application
  732. Personal and Corporate Taxation course work
  733. Rationing Issues in Healthcare
  734. Segmentation and Strategy Report
  735. Transformational learning: Reflection
  736. W1 Discussion 1 and W1 Discussion 2
  737. The Art of the Document
  738. Any topic (suggested by writer) - Provided it relates to Media/Pop Culture
  739. cary and conceal policy on college campuses
  740. Linguistics
  741. Designing Human-Computer Interaction (Expert review) (min 1100 words- max1300 words)
  742. An Effective Leader
  743. Factor Analysis of Personality Data: Abstract, Discussion, and References
  744. Literary review
  745. This Essay is based on the topic Women and Community
  747. Poisned book
  748. An analysis of a war/conflict from perspective of 'just war'
  749. How do the elements of the poem ( I dwell in possibility -Emily Dickinson) (e.g style, structure, imagery, tone, characterization, setting, point of view/ symbolism) work together to create the reader's total experience.
  750. Outlining your personal reflection and evaluation of the whole experience through business plan development and the learning from lectures
  751. Policy Synthesis
  752. International business management
  753. Operation, Technology, and Management Plan
  754. school programs
  755. What are Mental Health worker views of parents that experience successful adjustment when their 17 - 20 year old child, who is cognitively or emotionally impaired, returns home from long term residential treatment center?
  756. Horror Through Imagination
  757. African Americans facing discrimination in employment
  758. Occupational Therapies
  759. Social Change
  760. Effects of English as a Second Language
  761. Healthcare research Eczema in children under 10 years of f age
  762. The Pros and Cons of Electronic Health Records
  763. Research report
  764. Verbal Art and Multilingualism, language dynamics, language ideologies
  766. Analysis of 'Dubliners" by James Joice
  767. Methodolgy Section of Module Project - Factor Analysis of Personality Data
  768. no need topic because it is case analyse
  769. National security transformation= controversy on new airport security
  770. Effects of technology on Generation y
  771. Read paper details..
  772. In-sourcing versus Outsourcing
  773. Topic 2: Population and Sampling Distribution Excel Worksheet
  774. 4MAT Book Review
  775. Lab Report - Food behaviorism in Japanese Red Belly Newts
  776. Leadership Challenges in the military (Newly promoted Leader)
  777. With reference to authority critically examine what is meant by the expression "institutional balance" as it has been developed in european union law
  778. Creative Essay Celebratory Foods
  779. Fashion Industry Effect on Water - Water Pollution, Use of Textiles, Sustainable Fashion
  780. (8) Are teenage parents more likely to produce delinquent and crime prone offspring?
  782. Continue from the last order
  783. Excel and VBA
  785. The writer can pick one from the list. Please see attached.
  786. Nitration of Methyl Benzoate
  787. Aristotle: The 1st Scientist
  788. Compare and conteast the colonial societies that energed in Virginia and New England between 1607 and 1750.
  789. Compare and contrast the societies that emerged in Virginia and New England between 1607 and 1750
  790. CP-1 Project Proposal
  791. Epidemiology in Public and Global Health
  792. Fish Stem Cup
  793. Solid and Hazardous Waste Disposal
  794. Critical Appraisal
  795. Ontela Case analysis
  796. Cultural Perspective
  797. dissertation abstract and introduction
  798. Forcasting
  799. Instructions Are Included
  800. Obtaining Support for Health Education
  801. Russian culture
  802. i agree for the EU as a sucessful integration model for peace.
  803. Philosophy of Leadership
  804. Psychology of first impressions
  805. 2007- Implementing Recommendations of the 9/11 Commission Act
  806. By the writer
  808. Retirement Plan Proposal and Communication Plan
  809. marketing management
  810. critical review of 1,500 words
  811. Information Security
  812. offer an adaptive treatment of Great Expectations that would cinematically convey critical perspectives.
  813. Social Inequality Class Paper- Race and class in America
  814. ABC management
  815. Our sense to choose or judge what is right or wrong
  816. Ethical Dilemma paper
  817. digital divide
  818. The purpose of this assignment is to: (a) identify and reflect upon key concepts related to your policymaker visit (CO #3); (b) provide empirical evidence to support new insights gained regarding your policy issue and the policymaking process (CO #6); and (c) present ideas in a clear, succinct, and scholarly manner (CO #3).
  819. Project estimating and budgeting & resource feasibility
  820. Whole foods market in 2014
  821. Persuasive Memo and PowerPoint Presentation - CSR
  822. research essay
  823. Report on a selected business
  824. Swot And Pestal
  825. Choose any Topic from the list I will send you
  826. Applied Anthropology and its contribution to Malaria
  827. Assess the argument that 'the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations should be abolished'.
  828. Cultural Case Study
  829. Internal and External recruitment are equally important to organizations
  830. intl human resources management
  831. Life Christian Coaching
  832. Marketing Plan- Social Media marketing
  833. Read Details down
  834. research paper that offers either a literary analysis of one reading or an explication of a filmic adaptation of a literary work.
  835. Individual Cultural Assessment
  836. resource and energy optimisation in cloud computing
  837. Statistics Activity 3
  838. Default, plz look at paper details.
  839. marketing plan on new organic Blanc du Bois upscale wine "san Sebastian winery estate reserve" (Revision of Order 230305797).
  840. Other. Suggested by Writer
  841. The lessons we take from failure can be fundamental to later success. Recount an incident or time when you experienced failure. How did it affect you, and what did you learn from the experience?
  842. what are your career goals and how will your advanced business degree help achieve these goals? (300-500 words)
  843. Design Of Composite Pile
  844. Academic suspension appeal letter
  845. beyond bumper stickers ethics exam
  846. Business Management : The writer can choose any topic he wants !
  847. Business Management : The writer can choose any topic he wants. Please see the paper details.
  848. country profile - south africa
  849. Even though cell phones are a useful device, cell phones need to have some incorporated protocol for use because the ability distracts the users' attention span, cell phones inhibit face-to-face social interactions, and using a cellphone can be dangerous as well.
  850. Health Care Organizational Department Structure Development
  852. International Crime
  853. International Logistics
  854. Is Memory Linked to Muscle Memory?
  855. Marketing/ Business plan
  856. Theories of Leadership
  857. What is the problem of evil? What is the freewill solution to this problem? What are the problems that J.L. Mackie finds with the freewill solution? Are there possible solutions to the problems that Mackie raises?
  858. the role of the controller and other principals
  859. Intertextuality and Cultural Myth
  860. war and visual culture. Choose two or three military images or objects (e.g. photographs, posters, film, fashion, games) and consider how they have mobilized popular opinion in support of war
  861. Economic analysis of a legal change
  862. architecture and body
  863. Gender Inequality Influences on Career Success
  864. literature review for ideas allready I collected about my project which is about: Reasons behind the lack of male Emiratis teachers in the public schools in the UAE
  865. Personal Ethical Framework
  866. The Rise/Impact of Smartphones
  867. i do not have , please let writer decice
  868. Training and development in organizations
  869. Microbiology Unknown Report
  870. international economics
  871. Human Resources Development and Management: Career Development
  872. beyond budgeting
  873. Management & Budgetary Control and the Beyond Budgeting
  874. Tools for participation
  875. Contemporary Africa & the World
  877. NURS8110--: Philosophy of Nursing
  878. Office Depot
  879. Research-Based Argumentative Essay: The Death Penalty Is it ever be justified? Is it just? Is it effective deterrent or punishment to crime? Is it fairly and consistently?
  880. S5 "Managing Barriers to Sustainability"
  881. The Venus of Willendorf
  882. Designing Human-Computer Interaction
  883. training program among high schools in disaster preparedness
  884. term project
  885. Merit Scholarship essay
  886. project management
  887. direct strategy informational memo report
  888. Panera Bread CO.
  889. Embedding Business Continuity Into "the State of Kuwait" Private Schools
  890. Infrared spectrophotometry and organic chemistry
  891. Research Portfolio Part 2
  892. Analyze the advertising for a brand
  894. foundations of organisational behaviour
  895. how can new technologies such as the internet and social media or robots be used most effectively?
  896. National Geospatial Intelligence Agency
  897. National Security
  898. The Case Study : The Helper
  899. The Continuing Academic Success
  900. The Ways in Which Systems of Power and Privilege Impact Education
  901. Strategic Human Resource Management
  902. ad/PR ethic and law
  903. How Workplace Diversity Training effects Team Performance in Call Centers in Saudi Arabia
  904. Food memory
  905. Methodology BI
  906. Women's Suffrage
  907. Nano Technology
  908. Toulmin Policy Claim Essay
  909. 6 journal articles regarding race, justice, and society
  910. effects of coaching on gre scores for international graduate students
  911. How the video of the tourism site shows an "escape" from everyday life
  912. Individual Tax Case Study
  913. Apple\'s recent fall in Iphone and Ipad Sales
  914. Feminism in Return to Modesty
  915. More sex offenders joined MySpace than previously acknowldged
  916. Movies and books often talk about the importance of loyalty and friendship. Tell about a time in your life when friendship proved to be of great importance to you.
  917. time travel, book, people, car
  918. Imagine that you had no TV, computer, or video games for one week. Think of some activities that you can do instead to keep you busy and out of trouble. Write an essay to explain what you can do to keep occupied in a week of no TV, computer, or video games.
  919. In mid 1800's, reformers began to rise and bring the division problem that America had into attention. Using the documents provided, briefly explain why each reform individual felt that a change was necessary in the issues they faced in the American society.
  920. Have you ever traveled to a place that you found very meaningful and rewarding?
  921. write about your worst memory
  922. write a story about aids
  923. Explain 2 obstacles people of other cultures face when they move to mainstream America
  924. Using drama and role play to teach history.
  925. Write about one thing you are thankful for. Explain why you are thankful for it.
  926. child abuse
  927. Write an academic essay arguing whether the text, audio, or video version of "The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street" is the most effective medium to tell the story to an audience. Use evidence from at least two different mediums to support your claim. Medium: Either, text, audio, or video.
  928. Some people believe owning a pet is important, while others do not. Using specific details and examples to support your position, argue for or against owning a pet
  929. Have you ever travelled to a place that you found very meaningful and rewarding?
  930. Star wars clone wars
  931. Why should Marijuana should be legal in Missouri?.
  932. If you have you ever traveled to a place that you found very meaningful and rewarding?
  933. Using your notes from the film "Secret of the Wild Child," type complete sentences answering the following questions. Your answers should be thorough and detailed, and included specific examples from the film. In addition, be sure to proofread and edit your answers before submission as this is a summative reflection
  934. Terrorism
  935. Do you believe we are living in a society not unlike the one Winston lives in?
  936. in what different ways can people be intelligent?
  937. How should Paul Revere be remembered in american history
  938. Explain the motives as well as the results of Spanish, French, and English exploration of the Americas.
  939. families are important because
  940. During this quarter you have red a variety of print and non-print texts about human intelligence. Now, imagine that the media production company Youth Radio is seeking student-created podcast that will inform their audience about topics related to human intelligence. Select an aspect of human intelligence that interest you and create a podcast. Since the topic of human intelligence is so broad, you will need to select one specific issue or idea to focus on. Once you have your topic, plan out how you will present it as a podcast which might include interviews, anecdotes, and or data. Be sure that your podcast has a script that focuses on a clear central idea that is supported with evidence and details from multiple sources.
  941. Write an essay convincing readers to break a specific habit that is
  942. harmful to their physical, emotional, or financial health.
  943. Description helps the reader know how important Hela cells were to advances in medicine.
  944. Civil disobedience is when a person refuses to follow or obey a law (or maybe they refuse to pay taxes or fines) as a peaceful form of protest. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. participated in Civil Disobedience by leading the Birmingham Bus Boycott and encouraging others to ignore rules about where they were allowed to sit. Remember Harrison Bergeron? He broke out of his handicaps because he didn’t agree with the laws requiring him to wear them.
  945. Some people think it is ok to break the law if you perceive the law is unjust. Some people think it is never ok to break the law.
  946. Considering the theme of the novel analyze how Cormac McCarthy use of language for setting and dialogue strengthens the social commentary
  947. Imagine that you are going to submit an essay as a student representative to your local historical society on Historical Controversies. You are going to write on “How Should Paul Revere Be Remembered in American History”
  948. Your state legislature is considering a bill that would require a person to earn a high school diploma before he or she could receive a driver’s license. What is your position on this issue? Write a letter to convince your state legislature to accept your point of view.
  949. How the passage draws on elements commonly found in myths
  950. During recent years, several studies have revealed the medicinal and curative effects of marijuana. For patients who suffer from chronic pain, seizures and PTSD the drug is their gateway to an independent meaningful life. In your opinion, would the legalization of recreational cannabis have a positive or negative effect on society.
  951. write an essay explaining the benefits of living a life to the fullest
  952. How effective and how justified is racial profiling?
  953. Truman broke the new about manhattan.
  954. The essay is based on the Tecumseh biography, David Edmunds.
  955. Write about the underlying factors and/or causes for all the different insecurities and fears that hinder your current state of mind. Then describe in an additional few sentences about how you could alter those things to begin to recreate and maintain a more pleasant reality while improving your overall state of mind and life.
  956. Write a story that begins with "All of a sudden, I felt a chill down my spine. The next thing that I notice shocks me." Create a story making these two sentences fall at the beginning of it. How bullying can be previnted.
  957. How is the wife of bath's tale a criticism of women's roles in the middle ages.
  958. Analyze the protagonist's emotions throughout the passage. Use information from the passage to support your analysis.
  959. Discuss the theme of human complexity, why death has a hard time understanding human beings, and how characters exhibit complex and confusing behavior.Life is about having fun
  960. Life is about having fun
  961. At my summer vacation I went back to my country (south) Korea to meet my friends. But the funnest thing was my friends played with me at Monday. They had to go to school, but they planed it to play with me. So they submit the school field experience report and we played like 5-6 hour with me. We watch and played at sport monster. (The sport monster is the place that people can enjoy playing sport activity) It was the funnest thing that happen to me at my summer. And it was really happy that I can play with friends at week.(They all go to school at weeks, so I was the only person that not going to school. so they don't have time to play with me, but I was happy that my friends played with me without going to school.
  962. You meet this new boy called Felix Lin and you two get some chemistry but then A hot boy named Logan large comes along and you don't know who to choose!
  963. Look outside the window and write about any animals you see
  964. Macbeth struggles with his conscience and the fear of eternal damnation if he murders Duncan
  965. Readers should take into consideration that Steinbeck wrote successful past writings before Travels With Charley and should trust Travels with Charley as an authentic travel narrative. Steinbeck also wrote many other award-winning novels such as The Pearl, Cannery Row, and The Grapes of Wrath. Travels With Charley does not seem fabricated or exaggerated in any way. At the beginning of the book, Steinbeck is trying to say that he thinks his journey is going to be unpredictable: “A journey is a person in itself; no two are alike” (4). Throughout the novel, he expresses what he feels. Steinbeck does not know what to expect and later feels lonely throughout the trip. Nevertheless, Steinbeck has no reason to fib about what he saw in his journey because he is already a credible writer.
  966. The forest that continues to diasppear
  967. A boy getting abuse by his bad after his mom dies from cancer
  968. Write about a kid taking killing himself because of his mom keep on...
  969. Name, origin, 2 adj. Describing your personality, 2 adj. Describing your appearance, 2 classes you have, 1 class you don't have. Written in Spanish
  970. How did the three texts represent the struggles of women from 1890-1920
  971. How did the three texts represent the struggles of women from 1890-1920
  972. Murder
  973. Murder
  974. Write a essay about death penalty
  975. For 17 years since the moment I gazed into his
  976. For 17 years since the moment I gazed into his
  977. For 17 years since the moment I gazed into his
  978. For 17 years since the moment I gazed into his
  979. For 17 years since the moment I gazed into his