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50 Amazing Narrative Essay Topics to Start a Story

Narrative writing is all about telling an interesting story. To get it started, you’ll need an inspiring narrative essay topic. Here’s a list of prompts that will help you write with your pen smoking:

Narrative Essay Topics to All Tastes

Remember that narrative writing focuses on events and actions. Include as many verbs as you can and tell instead of showing:

  1. your earliest childhood memory;
  2. cooking your first dish;
  3. earning money for the first time;
  4. your best/ worst birthday;
  5. your best/ worst date;
  6. a memorable event from school;
  7. adopting a pet;
  8. visiting your grandma;
  9. your ideal weekend;
  10. a life changing encounter.

Narrative Essay Topics for High School

  1. a day in a shopping mall;
  2. camping in a forest/ mountains;
  3. a day with your best friend;
  4. feeding homeless animals;
  5. worst conflict with parents;
  6. an embarrassing experience you’d rather forget;
  7. one day you’d love to re-live;
  8. If you could change just one day in your life, what would it be?
  9. learning a new skill;
  10. visiting a new city/ country.

Narrative Essay Topics for College Students

  1. studying all night;
  2. receiving an acceptance letter from college;
  3. most memorable concert;
  4. teaching someone;
  5. dancing in the rain;
  6. counting stars;
  7. not being able to sleep because of your roommate;
  8. passing an exam you thought you would fail;
  9. falling in love with your teacher;
  10. cyberbullying experience.

Narrative Essay Topics to Stir Imagination

The following narrative essay prompts sound unreal. However, that’s what you need to stir your imagination:

  1. being invisible for one day;
  2. getting a memory erasing device;
  3. meeting a historical figure/ film character;
  4. spending one day in a movie;
  5. meeting extraterrestrial creatures;
  6. learning to read thoughts;
  7. What would you do if you could predict future?
  8. one day in a life of a computer mouse;
  9. travelling in time;
  10. exchanging bodies with someone.

Narrative Essay Topics to Wake Up Creativity

  1. getting rid of one phobia;
  2. a story of one selfie;
  3. one day without your smartphone;
  4. a space trip to some planet;
  5. leaving your comfort zone;
  6. relieving stress;
  7. a cross-cultural experience;
  8. choosing a gift for someone special;
  9. going to a party;
  10. playing a practical joke.

Narrative Essay Example

Here’s an example of an essay on one of the narrative essay topic ideas offered above:

The Day I Learnt to Read Thoughts

I woke up early and it looked very much like an ordinary day. The sun was shining and my roommate was sleeping after studying late at night. I cooked a light breakfast and went to college. On my way, I noticed that people behaved weird. The people I met told me about their problems. A sad girl in the park told that her boyfriend betrayed her. An elderly woman on a bus stop was worrying about her son who didn’t call her for two weeks. When I took a bus, I wanted to close my ears. The voices of the passengers were too loud, and they were speaking simultaneously. Then all of a sudden, I understood that passengers did not open mouths and did not utter a single word. It meant I could read their thoughts…