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170 Narrative Essay Topics

The topics below may remind you of a particular incident that you can relate in a clearly organized narrative essay.

  1. 3 things I can’t live without;
  2. 5 things I would give up;
  3. A brush with death;
  4. A class to remember;
  5. A crazy hard assignment and why they should be prohibited;
  6. A dangerous experience;
  7. A day when everything went right (or wrong);
  8. A disastrous date;
  9. A discovery to remember;
  10. A frightening experience;
  11. A hard lesson that I learnt;
  12. A historic event;
  13. A job I hate to do;
  14. A job interview I will never forget;
  15. A memorable encounter with someone in authority;
  16. A memorable journey;
  17. A memorable wedding or funeral;
  18. A moment of failure or success;
  19. A natural disaster in our yard;
  20. A Place I’d Like to Live;
  21. A significant misunderstanding;
  22. A strange job interview;
  23. A time that you took a stand on an important issue;
  24. A traffic accident;
  25. A trip that you would like to take;
  26. A TV show I would make up;
  27. A vacation trip from your childhood;
  28. A very strange man I met;
  29. An account of a difficult decision that you had to make;
  30. An account of a visit to a fictional place;
  31. An act of heroism or cowardice;
  32. An animal I would be;
  33. An embarrassing experience;
  34. An encounter that changed your life;
  35. An encounter with someone or something you were afraid of;
  36. An event that marked a turning point in your life;
  37. An experience that altered your view of someone;
  38. An experience that demonstrated how labor-saving devices can be more trouble than they’re worth;
  39. An experience that helped you grow up;
  40. An experience that led to renewed faith;
  41. An experience that left you disillusioned;
  42. An experience that made you laugh until you cried;
  43. An experience that showed how appearances can be deceiving;
  44. An experience that showed how we should be careful of what we wish for;
  45. An experience that taught you a lesson;
  46. An experience when you experienced rejection;
  47. An eyewitness account of an important event;
  48. An imaginary encounter with a real person;
  49. An important discovery;
  50. An occasion when you experienced rejection;
  51. An unexpected encounter;
  52. Aurviving a hurricane or a tornado (or other natural disaster);
  53. College living at its best;
  54. Describe a disastrous scientific experiment;
  55. Describe a haunted house;
  56. Describe a holiday you would create;
  57. Describe an invention which would change the world;
  58. Describe talking to a favourite animal;
  59. Describe what superpowers you would love to have;
  60. Describe what you think is wrong with the world;
  61. Describe what you think you will be like in ten years;
  62. Describe your favourite memory;
  63. Describe your greatest hero;
  64. Describe your own personality;
  65. Describe yourself when you were young;
  66. Give a narrative about being stranded in the desert;
  67. Give an account of a journey through space;
  68. Give an account of a journey underwater;
  69. Give an account of something weird;
  70. Give an account of the best news you’ve ever heard;
  71. Give an insight into what you value most in people;
  72. How a baby taught you about what really matters;
  73. How a senior was able to teach you a lesson that you would have learned the hard way, and how that taught respect for your elders;
  74. How I didn’t sleep for two nights;
  75. How I started dancing on table;
  76. How I was going to make a revolution;
  77. How meeting a total stranger had a profound impact on how the rest of your life would turn out;
  78. How you saved someone’s life and learned the value of kindness to strangers in the process;
  79. How your childhood effected who you are as an adult;
  80. How your relationship (or marriage) failed, and what you could have done differently;
  81. I saw the weirdest thing;
  82. I would like to invent this;
  83. I’d Like to Invent This;
  84. If I Could Be Somebody Else for a Day;
  85. If I Could Change One Thing About Me;
  86. If I Could Go Back in Time;
  87. If I Could Have Any Pet;
  88. If I Could Invent a Holiday;
  89. If I Could Live in Another Century;
  90. If I Could Make School Rules;
  91. If I Could Only See One Color;
  92. If I Could Turn Back Time;
  93. If I Had a Million Dollars;
  94. If I Had My Own Planet;
  95. If I were Invisible;
  96. If I were President;
  97. If I were superhero;
  98. Make up a story about being trapped somewhere;
  99. Me and my brother;
  100. Most Interesting Animal Encounter;
  101. Most Memorable Trip;
  102. Music and its role in my life;
  103. My family and how it shapes my personality;
  104. My favorite gadget;
  105. My favorite TV program;
  106. My greatest accomplishment;
  107. My pet and its impact on my daily life;
  108. Narrate a trip with your family;
  109. Narrate an action scene from one of your favourite films;
  110. Narrate an epic battle;
  111. Narrate your first school trip;
  112. Narrate your most embarrassing moment;
  113. One minute of a football game (or other sporting event);
  114. Outline a plan for a new invention;
  115. Outline a time where you were upset;
  116. Outline a time where you were wrong;
  117. Outline an obstacle you had to overcome;
  118. Outline and create a new religion;
  119. Outline how to teach English to a younger student;
  120. Outline how you would improve your school;
  121. Outline what you couldn’t live without;
  122. Outline what’s important to you;
  123. Outline your favourite month of the year;
  124. Outline your favourite weather;
  125. Outline your most nerve-wracking experience;
  126. Pizza delivery and how it made my evening;
  127. Reasons Why I Love My Mother;
  128. Something I Wish I Had;
  129. Something Nobody Knows About Me;
  130. Something That Disappeared;
  131. Surviving a hurricane or a tornado (or other natural disaster);
  132. The Best News I Ever Received;
  133. The breakup of a friendship;
  134. The day you decided to change your life;
  135. The experience of being lost;
  136. The funniest moment you can remember;
  137. The greatest invention;
  138. The Hardest Thing I Ever Had to Do;
  139. The Most Beautiful Thing in the World;
  140. The most memorable trip;
  141. The Year 2500;
  142. Think of a vivid dream and describe what happens within it;
  143. This made me laugh;
  144. Two different versions of the same event;
  145. What are your favourite memories with your best friend?
  146. What raising a pet taught you;
  147. What would the world be like without colours?
  148. What you learned about love during your first relationship;
  149. What you would do with a million dollars?
  150. When back home from school;
  151. When I Got Lost;
  152. When I Was a Little Kid;
  153. Where Did Daddy Love Go?
  154. Why you never realized just how important your parents were, and what happened to change that;
  155. Why your best friend might not always really be your best friend;
  156. Write a plot for a new theatre performance;
  157. Write a speech as class president;
  158. Write about a trip to another country;
  159. Write about which school rules you would choose;
  160. Write about your favourite artist;
  161. Write about your favourite gadget;
  162. Write down your greatest achievement;
  163. You will not believe what I saw;
  164. You Won’t Believe I Saw This;
  165. Your first day at a new job;
  166. Your first day at a new school or college;
  167. Your first time away from home;
  168. Your first visit to the country (or to a large city);
  169. Your last day on a job;
  170. Your worst meal ever.