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50 Simple but Cool Ideas for Evaluation Essay Topics

Evaluation essays require rating certain objects or phenomena. You will need to choose your own criteria for evaluation. The best thing about evaluation writing is that there is no right or wrong answers. You are free to pick arguments and defend any judgment.

But of course you will need good evaluation essay topics. This list will make your life much easier:

  1. Your first love’s clothing style.
  2. The role of music in your favorite movie.
  3. Actors’ play in Titanic.
  4. Your first teacher as a role model.
  5. Your favorite professor’s teaching style.
  6. Your best friend’s studying style.
  7. Eating habits in your family.
  8. Architecture in your native city.
  9. Local music bands.
  10. Your first time riding a bicycle.
  11. The role of hobby in your life.
  12. The influence of pop culture.
  13. Advertisements of fast food.
  14. Body images of models.
  15. Attempts to legalize marijuana.
  16. Your summer vacation.
  17. A nearby store.
  18. Your phone.
  19. Your hairdresser.
  20. Local environmental organizations.
  21. Animals shelter.
  22. Design of your room.
  23. Your best/ worst holiday trip.
  24. Brad Pit’s previous role.
  25. Obamacare.
  26. Social support for the homeless.
  27. Availability of textbooks.
  28. 50 Shades of Grey (a book or movie).
  29. National cuisine.
  30. Your friend’s cooking talents.
  31. The Eiffel Tower.
  32. The Statue of Liberty.
  33. October Fest in Germany.
  34. Violent video games.
  35. Video games as a sport
  36. Facebook advertising.
  37. Freedom of speech.
  38. Modern newspapers.
  39. Latest fashion collection.
  40. Latest football match.
  41. The biggest stadium in your city.
  42. Your college library.
  43. Shakespeare’s works.
  44. Your perfume.
  45. A recent barbecue.
  46. A visit to a theatre.
  47. A day in Disneyland.
  48. Your part-time job.
  49. Facilities in a college dorm
  50. Nutrients in a vegan diet.

So, have you already grabbed a nice topic for your evaluation essay? Avoid boring topics. Choose something interesting to write quickly and with ease.