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Reasons and Consequences of Climate Changes

The world is changing rapidly followed by technological evolution. The progress we appreciate so much appears to be to the detriment of the environment. Global warming results in rapid climate changes influenced by multiple factors that include both external and internal.

Over the last few decades, environmental pollution has grown into the major global concern. Countries take drastic measures to stop pollution as a result of oil-producing and other industries. Renewable energy sources have become the major trend today. However, it becomes obvious that such measures are not enough to protect our planet.

Global warming and the climate changes in general have a great impact on the way people live today. They have changed the ecosystem and worsened ecological situation across the globe. If we are unable to stop it, we put our future life at risk.

This essay is to depict the main reasons of global warming ad well as inevitable consequences of climate changes in case people fail to improve the global situation.

What Does the Term “Climate Changes” Mean?

The term describes the way global environmental conditions change and how they influence the ecosystem. The result of those processes including global warming are dreadful. Different species of animals and plants have died off. Others can become extinct in the nearest future.

When Did Global Warming Took Place?

The process was launched many years ago mainly because of the human activities. Unfortunately, people were not able to track those changes until the end of the last century when we eventually could observe the results of technological process in reference to planet ecology.

The worsening situation encouraged scientists to start researching weather, climate, and other factors that will give people a chance to stop or at least foresee future climate changes. This is how the “greenhouse effects” was discovered. The idea is very simple: the more technocratic we become, the higher the temperature on earth is. As a result, the planet surface is being warmed up all the time affecting different aspects of our lives:

  • Water supplies;
  • Transportation;
  • Agriculture and more.

To slow down the process, we need to understand the nature of those changes.

Reasons for Global Warming

Climate changes take place due to multiple reasons. And it is not only humans who are guilty of that process. For this reason, scientists highlight two major factors that include manmade and natural.

  • Natural reasons mainly include natural disasters such as volcanic eruption, radiation, solar energy, tectonic movement, etc. In addition, we should also take into account orbital variations and other activities that may take place around the globe. Each of those actions results in increased temperature.
  • Manmade reasons are pretty more obvious. They generally include industrial and other waste, deforestation, the usage of fossil fuel, oil production, mining, and more. All these actions have a dreadful effect and ruin our planet’s ecosystem. What is worse, they give the process of global warming a boost to move faster.

If it was only for natural reasons, the humanity would not have its back against the wall for another thousand years. Unfortunately, people make a huge contribution into ruining the world they live in.

How Climate Changes Affect the World

It is clear that global warming negatively affects our planet. But how exactly does it ruin the environment? While the temperature rises, glaciers meltdown and increase the level of the ocean. Car and fuel pollution result in tremendous CO2 emission that “feeds” the greenhouse effect.

Deforestation results in wildlife and trees declining. Different species of plants and animals are dying off. If some of them become extinct, it will also have a negative effect on the ecosystem and global ecology. Every creature is a piece of the nature’s puzzle. If we pull of one, the puzzle will be ruined.

What to Expect in Future?

Countries make different efforts to stop the process of climate changes. The government restricts various industries, limits CO2 emissions, protects forests and natural resources. However, it does not seem to be enough. The humanity needs something more efficient.

The main problem is that it is impossible to undo the actions made within the last 2 centuries and restore the damages made to our planet. For this reason, people need to use latest developments in favor of the environment. Renewable energy sources, electric vehicles, and other inventions may help to fight the climate changes back.