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No One Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Eleanor Roosevelt’s words ring true today more than ever. We have the power to control our own emotions and reactions, no matter what others say or do. In order to avoid feeling inferior, we must first understand that it is not a state of being, but rather an emotion based on external circumstances. This essay will explore how our thoughts lead to feelings and how we can change those thoughts in order for them not to lead us down paths where we might feel inferior.

1. How to avoid feeling inferior.
2. Owning your own life and success.
3. The power of self-confidence.
4. Why you should be proud of yourself.
5. What is the worst that can happen if you don’t feel inferior anymore.

How to avoid feeling inferior

It can be hard to get past the feeling of inferiority, but there are ways. One way is by focusing on your strengths and what makes you different from others. You have a unique perspective that nobody else has- use it! Another tactic is joining social media groups with likeminded people who share similar interests or passions as you do. This will help build up your self esteem because you’ll feel more connected to other people in these communities than those outside them. Remember that everybody has their own challenges too; when we focus on our uniqueness instead of comparing ourselves to others, we see how great life really is!

Owning your own life and success

Owning your own life and success means taking responsibility for the choices you make. It also often includes an acceptance of what could have been, but wasn’t. In order to do this effectively, it is important to be able to accept that you will never know all the facts about a situation or decision in its entirety because there are always perspectives outside of one’s own point-of-view. This can lead people into making decisions based on assumptions which may not turn out how they expected them too. When we take ownership over our lives and successes, it becomes easier to understand where we want things go in the future as well as see when things don’t work out so well without feeling like something was done wrong.

The power of self-confidence

It is important not be discouraged by what others say about you or how they perceive you in life. You are responsible for your self-confidence levels; so if something bothers you, don’t let it get inside of your head because that will only make things worse and have a negative effect on your mental health. If there are any doubts at all, then do yourself a favor and tell someone close to you who can help reassure you with kind words or advice before giving into the inner critic voice inside of us all. Remember that no one has more control over our thoughts than ourselves!

Why you should be proud of yourself

People are constantly looking for validation, and it’s important to realize that you don’t need any encouragement from others. You should be proud of yourself because you have accomplished something without the involvement or approval of someone else. There is no shame in being your own biggest cheerleader!

What is the worst that can happen if you don’t feel inferior anymore

People who lack self-confidence often worry that they are inferior to others, and this fear can lead them down a path of unhappiness. But what if you could be happy without feeling inferior? What would your life look like then? That is the goal of many people in therapy—to learn how to cope with their feelings so they don’t feel defective or incapable. When you think about it, this may not seem as scary as it sounds because there’s nothing wrong with being equal – which means no one will ever be better than anyone else.


In the end, it is our choice to allow others’ words or actions affect us. We have a chance to decide how we will react and what meaning we give their words. When someone makes you feel inferior without your consent, do not blame yourself for feeling that way – instead, remind yourself that feelings are just temporary states of mind. And if they are hurting your self-image in any way, then know this momentary pain can be overcome with perspective and patience. It’s time to take back control over what other people think about you by refusing to let them make you feel inferior again!