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Essay about My Mom and What She Means to Me

We all love our mother. They are ready to support us in any situation no matter if we are right or wrong. They encourage us. Moms explain what is right and what is wrong. Mother’s love may turn out to be the last straw when having our backs against the wall. In this essay, I would like to say what my mom means to me.

Many people say their mothers are superheroes always there to lend a hand whether day or night. Well, I think it is wrong to compare mothers with characters who only exist on the comic book pages. Have you ever heard someone saying, “Spiderman is like my mom”? Probably, not. For this reason, I am sure she deserves a better comparison.

My mother is devoted, persistent, and smart. She always knows how to explain difficult things or clarify a challenging situation. So, I can say that she is a proven expert with an enormous background when it comes to relations. I always wonder how she always knows what to say. The best thing I love about my mother is the fact that she comes as an endless source of inspiration and encouragement.

Reasons to Love my Mom

Do you really love a dear person for any reason? We just love the closest ones no matter what they do or how they behave. We may have quarrels or struggles. Some people get on well with their parents and some do not. However,none of those can be the reason not to love your mother.

As for me, I can say that I am grateful for every minute spent with her. Mom taught me the way I talk. She explained why it is important to have respect for elderly people. With every new step, I can feel her presence and a piece of advice that actually helped me to make that step. I cannot say I take everything she says for granted. What I am sure about is that my mom is the only one to guide me through all stages of the most complex situations occurring in my life. This is probably why I love her. Oh, and one more reason: I love her because she is my mother.

Qualities My Mother Has

Like every person, she can be scared or feel tired. She may laugh or cry when things get out of hand. On the other hand, she has some core qualities and features of character that let you keep cheered up no matter what happens.

Strength. I generally mean mental strength but not the physical one. She managed to get over some serious obstacles when mom was younger. They made her patient and disciplined. She managed to develop her stamina. All these features are impossible to imagine without inner strength.

Encouragement. My mother always knows how to cheer people up. Not only I but also friends or relatives love spending time with her. We feel her energy that boosts everyone around. It comes as a powerful encouragement.

Openheartedness. I guess his quality appears with age. My mom has always been a good companion no matter how bad I feel.

If you ask me why I love my mother, I will say that she is the dearest and closest person in the world.