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Is Pollution a Necessary Evil in Our World?

Our entire planet functions upon the principles of evolution. Today, we have access to any service or product we could possibly need. The mass production, as one of the main causes of environmental pollution, would be seriously affected if people became more conscious. It seems that the humanity is not ready for such drastic changes. However, we are responsible as individuals and our actions can become part of the solution to air, water, and food pollution.

People are exposed to air pollution as soon as they leave the safe environment of their homes. Since we depend on traffic, which is the main cause of this type of pollution, the solution seems to be slipping further away. The percentage of people who are seriously concerned about the way their actions affect the environment is very small. Although governments across the world make attempts to limit the pollution caused by traffic, people keep using old vehicles that produce massive amounts of carbon monoxide. Since mass production is being supported by a great number of factories, it is not easy for governments to jeopardize their economy in order to regulate its detrimental effects to our environment.

As a result of air and water pollution, the food we eat on a daily basis is contaminated and causes serious health problems. Vegetables and fruits, which we always accepted for granted, are infused with harmful pesticides that make our bodies diseased. Factories release waste into the waters without bearing any consequences. That water is being used for watering the food we eat. Farmers want to make their products “appealing”, so they continuously suffocate them with harmful ingredients.

People’s intelligence is the driving force of great progress, but is also the cause of detrimental harm. We want cheap food, convenient transportation and several technology devices in possession. Although we are aware of the responsibility to make conscious decision, we don’t want to give up on our comfort for the sake of future generations. There are solutions to this devastating trend: we can opt for organic production; stand against harmful factories and boycott their products; and ride bikes or take public transport instead of driving a car every day.

Our individual actions may be a small contribution against pollution, but they are still important for our environment and our own health. The pollution of air, water and food is already out of control, so it’s time to make serious changes in our lifestyles in order to preserve our planet for future generations.