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Ethics and Social Responsibility Plan

Belle Daily Fit is the proposed company for the business plan, and the previous analysis indicates that the company is financially stable and ready to start producing organic non-alcoholic drinks. However, it is also essential to provide a detailed report which covers the company’s ethics and social responsibility plan, since that is also a primary determinant of business success. Whereas a company might have enough finance for startup, it is also essential that its operations follow the provided business ethics and the social responsibility as expected by the authorities. For instance, fair hiring and employee treatment is the best example of social responsibility that the company will follow. It is essential to state that Belled Daily Fit’s interest to follow corporate duties and ethics is significant for business success since it also poses as customer bait.

i. Job Creation

The creation of employment opportunities is the first social responsibility that Belle Daily Fit will consider when the company starts its operations. Whereas it is vital that a business outlet maximizes opportunities to make a profit, Belle must also offer employment opportunities to the locals within the company’s location. Therefore, Belle Daily Fit will create employment opportunities for the locals as social responsibility (Camilleri, 2017). Subsequently, the company will earn a positive image amongst the locals, thus resulting in profit maximization after operating for a specified period. Moreover, it is essential to state that Belle Daily Fit will create employment opportunities for both skilled and unskilled labor.

ii. Fair and Honest Employee Treatment

Second, Belle Fit Daily also intends to provide its employees with fair and honest treatment as expected by the ethics which govern business operations in the United States. The fact that it is crucial that the employer provides the employee’s with a conducive working environment is the reason why Belle Daily Fit’s management will first access the premises before allowing the employee to operate in the building. Notably, that will ensure that the employee work in a safe environment, thus providing that the company does not face any court charges for going against the worker’s safety code (Ransome & Sampford, 2013). Moreover, Belle’s human resource will also ensure that there is fairness when hiring employee’s, and that should base on gender and race matters. The fact that the United States has persons from various racial backgrounds is the reason why the company should also hire people from mixed races to practice fairness. The employees play an essential role in ensuring business success, thus the reason why Belle Daily Fit must also ensure that they offer the workers with fair remuneration. Providing the workers with fair salaries is aimed at following the country’s minimum wage rule, but it is also an advantage since it poses as motivation to the workers.

iii. Healthy Products

Third, Belle Daily Fit will also consider serving its clients with an organic non-alcoholic beverage to support the healthy living initiative. The fact that there is an increase in chronic diseases in the United States is the reason why food companies must ensure that they offer their clients with healthy products, thus the engagement in the production of organic drinks. For Belle, it is essential that there is minimal use of chemicals when processing the drinks, as that is the only means of ensuring that they remain natural. Moreover, the company will ensure that the products are taken through the Bureau of standards for verification of their fitness for human consumption, as that is the right means of ensuring that people’s health remains protected. Whereas the company will also provide that it limits the amount of sugar used when processing these beverages, it is crucial also to warn the consumers about too much consumption of sugar so that they can limit their intake (Simpson & Taylor, 2013). The company will also advise the consumer regarding the beverages negative impacts during advertisements, as that is the only means of ensuring that people purchase the product at their interest. For instance, it is evident that children are the ones who will like the beverages in most instances, but too much sugar also has a negative impact to their bodies, hence the reason why the advertisers will also focus on warning them about limitation when consuming the product.

iv. Environmental Conservation

The fact that the previous analysis indicates that Belle Daily is a beverage company implies that the firm must engage the use of water in its production, hence the reason why environmental conservation is a matter of discussion. The fact that the company will use water to process the beverages is the reason why it will also engage in tree planting since that is the only means of ensuring that the water catchment areas remain present. Moreover, processing and distribution of beverage drinks entail the use of plastic tins which are a threat to the environment, thus the reason why the company must find the right solution to the matter (Ransome & Sampford, 2013). First, it is important to educate consumers about the proper means of disposing of the plastic cans so that they do not harm the environment. For instance, the company will create disposal bins across its areas of operation to ensure that consumers do not scatter the cans. There are also chances that the company will introduce refillable cans which consumers can use when purchasing their favorite drinks at Belle’s outlet, thus ensuring that there are limited plastic cans on rotation to curb environmental harm.

v. Comply with Tax Expectations

The United States also provides that all businesses must pay tax, hence the reason why Belle will also comply with this rule. It is unrealistic for the company to expect profit maximization with tax evasion practices, as that might taint its image to the public, thus resulting in customer loss (Camilleri, 2017). Therefore, Belle Daily Fit will settle all the tax expectations as provided by the government, as that is the only means of ensuring positive image maintenance in public. Additionally, there are chances that Belle Daily Fit might engage in sponsorship programs in the future to maintain the positive image.

In brief, Belle Daily Fit is an organic non-alcoholic beverage company, and it intends to maintain a positive relationship with both the consumers and the authorities, hence the reason for the analysis of the ethical and social responsibilities. First, the company will comply with the social responsibility of creating employment opportunities for the locals, as that is the only means of boosting the area of operation. Moreover, it is vital that the company observes the employee’s interest, hence the reason for fair treatment. The fact that the United States comprises of persons from different racial backgrounds is the reason why Belle Daily Fit will hire people from different races. Moreover, the company will also observe gender equality in its staff. Furthermore, healthy living is yet another consideration amongst the company’s ethical practices, thus the reason why there is minimal use of other chemicals during the beverage’s processing. The company’s urge to company with the country’s tax rules is yet another factor which will ensure that it manages to win its bid regarding ethical operations.


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