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Essay on How My Ambition in Life Can Create a New Identity

People always try to think ahead. We set clear goals and targets. We have a clear vision of how our dreams will eventually come true in the long run. Ambitions appeared to be the power that moves us forward all the time. It helps to select the right direction and prevents us from pulling back when we have our backs against the wall not knowing what to do next.

On the other hand, some people cannot stick to a single plan. They jump from one idea to another. This is actually what we call “wasting time”. Having a clear goal in life is very important. Every person calls for something he or she needs to strive for. This is where ambitions make it clear what we want to see in the end. They encourage self-development in addition to inner strength and stamina. Ambitions prevent people from getting bored with the daily routine.

In this essay, I will try to explain the importance of having ambitions in my life. But first, I will try to explain this term to myself.

What Does Ambition Mean?

Ambition is the idea or wishes to have or do something in the nearest future. It can be either a dream of having a big house or a highly-paid job as well as real plans that a person wants to achieve within a given timeframe. What’s more, ambitions are something we really want to go after even if we do not clearly understand the final goal.

To achieve the goal, people work hard. It does not always mean a high salary or working shifts. Sometimes ambitions refer to our state of mind or inner development. For example, I have always dreamt to become a professional web designer. I clearly understand I will need to work hard to get that occupation and become a real pro. It will take much time and effort along with obstacles and stumbling blocks on the way to success.

On the other hand, it gives sense to every day of my life because I know what I want from it. Every person should have something to strive for. However, it is not just about the dream itself. It is about the means and tools you will need to achieve your goals. Dreaming will not bring you success. You will need strength to move forward step by step.

This path may turn out to be a tough challenge. The only thing that will help you in this complex adventure is a clear understanding of how it is important to have ambitions in your life.

The Importance of Having Ambitions in Life

The first and foremost about having an ambition is the fact that it actually gives us something to aim for. It is impossible to leave without a clear goal in life. Otherwise, one may feel depressed and upset without knowing where to move next.

Secondly, it helps to keep you focused on the dream or target you try to achieve. Ambitions usually come with a simple plan and clear stages you want to complete at a specific period of your life. For example, I want to get a qualification in web design in 5 years. Then, I plan to start my own agency and create the first website. In 10 years, I wish I had a recognizable company with a huge client base.

There is nothing wrong if it will take more time to accomplish. At least, I always know where to go.


Focus, clear targets, determination, concentration – these are the features you have when identifying the ambition in life. Following your goals is always better instead of doing nothing and waiting until happiness will strike you on the head.

Motivation must always be the dominating force no matter how tired and exhausted one can feel. No one promised a walk in the park. What’s more, focusing only on ourselves is also wrong. We need to think of something we can give back to the world and people who support us throughout the whole way to success. A good idea is to make a list of all goals with schedules, stick to them, and move one small step to the huge dream.