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Essay on Life: Positive Attitude Brings Positive Results

Life is what you make it. Ernest Holmes said that life is a mirror which reflects to a thinker what he thinks of it. Positive attitude to life and trustful relations with others is the key to success. Whenever a person learns to see new opportunities in challenges, his/her life becomes more colorful and more interesting, creating conditions favorable for new good events. Optimism and positive attitude to life and the surrounding world is like a magnet attracting positive events and people to a person.

Though life sometimes is hard on people, everyone can choose a proper attitude to what is happening. Different people can respond to the same situation in different ways. It all depends on the specifics of the temperament, education, prior experience and upbringing. However, there is evidence that people who smile to others are more likely to receive smiles in response. For example, in a situation when it starts to rain, someone will star to dance in the rain, catching the fresh drops, while someone will be disappointed because of wet shoes till the end of the day. This simple example shows that certain events are not good or bad, but we make them good or bad, choosing our attitude to them, shaping our thoughts and influencing our own mood as well as the mood of others. Similarly, a student who has problems with paying the tuition and has to find a part-time job has a choice. The first alternative is to hate life and everyone whose parents are more supportive. The second alternative is to consider it as a perfect boost for a professional career. Early career start can be an advantage when searching for a job after graduation. Therefore, in many cases our attitude can influence our outcomes, shaping even our reality to a certain extent.

Optimism helps prevent many problems and makes a person more attractive for others. Many studies have proven that worries and stress are the core reasons of the most serious diseases. Therefore, a positive attitude can have a positive impact on person’s health. Perfectionism and continuous stress can result in nervous breakdowns and health problems. Trying to reach some materialistic goals, people often forget to enjoy their lives. Adults often forget how to dream, not noticing all the beauty of this world and focusing on the negative side of everything. An average adult doesn’t stop to smell a flower or to breathe in some fresh air on a spring morning, because he or she is in a hurry and thinks of some insignificant business projects, boring clients, and missed deadlines. Caring too much of what others think, people often forget how to listen to the voice of their inner selves and the voice of the Universe. Life is too short to waste it on boring jobs, rude people and lonely evenings. Everyone can fill life with amazing moments, sharing hope and happiness with others. People can help someone who is in need or at least they can be more attentive to their family. Living a full life is easy and everyone could do it if only they stopped for a while and took a careful look at how they spend the days of their lives.

The recipe to a happy life includes a positive attitude to others and different events in life. People can’t control the events in the surrounding world, but they can choose their attitudes, which to a significant extent can shape their destiny and mood.

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