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Belle Daily Fit Business Plan

The fact that the business industry is competitive is enough reason for any new entrant to develop a detailed business plan that will offer direction. For Belle Daily Fit which is an organic drinks company, the paper will provide an executive summary on factors such as business concept, clear-cut market need, and realistic financial projections amongst many others.

The Business Concept

First, Belle Daily business concept entails providing people with organic and natural non-alcoholic drinks. Whereas the company’s products target persons of all ages, the company’s primary idea is providing children with mixed drinks. Moreover, the Belle Daily Fit business also intends to give the people healthy non-alcoholic beverages to promote the healthy living campaign.

Belle Daily Fit’s Management Structure

The company also intends to engage the application of centralized management structure, and that implies that it is the top management that will make all decisions for the company. Whereas there is much other applicable management structure, it is better for Belle Daily Fit to engage in a centralized system since it is a new entrant, hence the need for close supervision by the executive (Beske, Land, & Seuring, 2014). It is quite hard for the manager to properly manage the company if the executives lack a direct connection to the subordinates who control most of the company’s operations.

Clear-cut Market Needs

It is essential that the company should have precise information regarding the gaps in the market to achieve sustainable growth. Notably, the first notable market need is healthy beverages. The increase in the call for healthy living is the reason why the company will only focus on natural and non-organic drinks to support the people’s desires. Moreover, the market also needs varieties, thus the reason why Belle Daily Fit plans to introduce a variety of flavors (Porter, 2011). Whereas the non-alcoholic drinks industry already has established companies such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi, the truth is that Belle will also manage to earn a spot in the industry through the introduction of unique flavors for consumers.

Significant Competitive Advantage

Belle’s management understands the competitive nature of the industry, hence the reason why the company must achieve a competitive advantage. Therefore, the essential factor that will promote the company’s urge to control the industry is its technological embrace. Notably, the firm’s ability to embrace technology and innovation will result in creating new trends in the industry to remain relevant.

Financial Projections

First, social media marketing is the central part of the company’s financial projection, and this entails Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Therefore, the company will hire a social media employee who will earn $30 per hour. Furthermore, there is also sponsoring activities, and the cost is about $200. The fact that the company also embraces technology implies that they will purchase machines that will add up to $53,000.

Investors Opportunity to Make Money

The investors will also benefit from the business since they will own a certain percentage of the sales. The most important factor is that investors must ensure that the company engages in proper advertising to increase its sales so that they can also earn more. The investors can also purchase the company’s shares.

Exit Plan

The fact that the company might want to leave the industry in the future is the reason for developing an exit plan, and Belle will apply management buyout exit plan. The application of the manager’s buyout plan implies that the management team will purchase the company’s assists in an event where Belle wants to leave the industry.


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