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Essay on Beauty of Nature: Take Care of the World Around You

The world we live in is an overwhelming wonder. It is not because of self-driving vehicles, cell phones, the Internet, or recycled food but mainly because of the nature around us. It is a gift to humanity. And we are supposed to take good care of it, as it determines our future existence despite the geopolitical, economic, or social situation in the world. We cannot live without nature and we need to keep this fact in mind every time we try to exploit natural resources.

Nature is one of the biggest assets people have. What’s more, it is the biggest capital for every human on our planet. Negligence or reckless behavior can be to the detriment of this capital. We often spend it irresponsibly without thinking about the possible consequences that can be really huge.

Humans Overexploiting Natural resources

Natural resources are free to use. As mentioned earlier, they come as a gift. However, people tend to overexploit them for things that are not so important. For example, a person can live without a new smartphone or car, but he or she will die without fresh air or water. Nevertheless, we keep using natural resources considering they are endless. Well, they are not.

Apart from the irresponsible usage of natural resources, we damage our planet and put our future lives at risk. People use resources to build vehicles and cars that pollute the air resulting in the greenhouse effect, congested roads, traffic jams, and so on. The main paradox here is that we actually love things that make our lives worse. They can harm well-being not mentioning natural damages, vanishing forests, dry rivers, and even some of the animal and plant species dying off.

If we continue the same way, nature will try to fight people back and there will be no winners after this battle.

Steps to Save Nature

The only way to survive is to live in harmony with the world around us. We need to protect natural resources as well as flora and fauna. The following steps may help to prevent catastrophic consequences:

  1. Nature protection – we need to take care of every new tree, every pond, or flower. Deforestation results in huge climate changes that can lead to even more severe problems not only for humans but for other creatures both on land or in the water. Politics and governmental organizations must work out effective strategies to protect oceans and seas preventing them from pollution.
  2. Pollution Control – our mission is to reduce the number of vehicles and CO2 emissions. We need to stop the greenhouse effect development and punish corporations guilty of polluted rivers and fields.
  3. People Awareness – every person must clearly understand his or her responsibility and the consequences our actions can lead to. People need to launch special educational and practicing programs that show the importance of nature and its role in people’s lives.


With so many modern technologies, gadgets, and devices, we forget about using renewable energy sources that have once used to be a new promising trend. They will help to reduce exploiting other natural resources that cannot be renewed.

We need to stop the planet transformation resulting in urbanization. We need to create more green areas with lots of trees. We need to reserve enough space for animals and plants that live in the wild. Every living organism on our planet is part of a big chain. Every time the organism dies, the chain is broken. Our mission as humans to fix that chain and restore the balance.