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70 Definition Essay Topics

Definition essay explains the meaning of a word or concept. It’s just like explaining a new concept to your friend or acquaintance, with the only difference that it’s being done in writing. Generally there is nothing easier than coming up with a definition essay topic, all you need to do is pick a concept and try to explain it.

While attempting to define or explain a concept, you need to remember that concrete (real world) concepts are a lot easier to explain than abstract ones. Conversely, abstract notions are a lot harder to explain. Here is a list of free definition topics that can be used to practice definition essay writing:

  1. An essay about the meaning of patriotism.
  2. An essay about what hate means.
  3. An essay about what love means.
  4. An essay defining fidelity in marriage and explaining why it should be the foundation of marriage.
  5. An essay for definition about the merits of capital punishment.
  6. An essay that defines God.
  7. An essay that defines justice.
  8. An essay that defines the demerits of capital punishment.
  9. An essay that defines the devil.
  10. An essay that defines the inevitable nature of infidelity and explains why it should not be blamed for the dissolution of a marriage.
  11. An essay that identifies the difference between religion and God.
  12. Define a smart phone.
  13. Define an arranged marriage and explain why it has value.
  14. Define assisted suicide and explain what circumstances make it acceptable.
  15. Define democracy. What kind of elements does this concept comprise?
  16. Define forgiveness and explain why it is necessary for human civilization.
  17. Define honesty from the point of a view of a con man or con woman.
  18. Define justice from the point of view of an individual on death row.
  19. Define marriage and explain why people should only ever marry for love.
  20. Define marriage from the point of view of a underage girl that belongs to a polygamous religious sect.
  21. Define moral relativism and explain why is it the most constructive concept in human society.
  22. Define moral relativism and explain why it is the most destructive concept in human society.
  23. Define murder and explain when it should not be punished.
  24. Define murder and explain why it must always be punished regardless of the circumstances.
  25. Define pain from the point of view of a drug addict.
  26. Define patriotism from a career army officer who has been wounded several times.
  27. Define political conservatism. How can this notion be interpreted?
  28. Define poverty? How does this notion differ across countries?
  29. Define proper parenting.
  30. Define the negative aspects of arranged marriages.
  31. Define the word love for a robot or artificial intelligence life form.
  32. Define the word love for an alien.
  33. Define the word love for an individual who has been in a coma for 15 years and remembers nothing about her life or her family.
  34. Define the word love for someone who has lived alone on a desert island for since his birth.
  35. Define truth from the point of view of a Buddhist monk or nun.
  36. Define what actions must never be forgiven and why.
  37. Honesty as the Main Factor of Humanity.
  38. How can imperialism be defined? Discuss the key elements of this term.
  39. How can responsibility be defined?
  40. How Can We Define the Majority System?
  41. How can you define dictatorship? Does the definition of this term vary across cultures?
  42. How can you define soul?
  43. How can you explain rationality?
  44. How Much the Truth Costs?
  45. Offer the definitions and the differences between divine justice and the justice derived from human law from the point of view of a victim of genocide who has lost his entire family.
  46. One topic for definition essay would be to define patriotism from the point of view of a conscientious objector.
  47. Politics, Business and War in Vietnam.
  48. Provide a definition of morality. Describe the main elements of this concept.
  49. Provide historical definitions of terrorism. Does the modern-day understanding of this notion differ from the one used in the nineteenth century?
  50. Provide the definition of civic and human rights. Do these notions differ from each other in any way?
  51. The Church in Our Lives.
  52. The Legislative Power.
  53. The UNESCO Program.
  54. What is a lifting jack?
  55. What is a screwdriver?
  56. What is an X-ray tube?
  57. What is colonialism? Describe this notion from cultural and political points of view.
  58. What is knowledge? How can you define it?
  59. What is liberalism?
  60. What is Love?
  61. What is Online Searching System?
  62. What is Osmosis?
  63. What is prejudice? How do you understand this term?
  64. What is propaganda? Does this notion have positive or negative connotations?
  65. What is the definition of a computer?
  66. What is the definition of honor?
  67. What is wealth? Look at this concept from various perspectives.
  68. What is your definition of racism?
  69. What is your understanding of courage?
  70. Which Song Makes You Cry?