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70 Classification Essay Topics

Here is really a long list to choose from. No matter what topic you choose be very patient and careful with it. Devote considerable time in noticing people and thongs around you. Record the observations well and then when you have collected the sufficient material draw out the inferences.

Make sure that the data collected by you is authentic, as a fake data can lead to wrong inferences and put you in a fix. In a classification essay, you need to be creative and observant. The aim of such essays is to make the students more aware of their surroundings and to improve their power of observation. Also, it helps them to develop an analytical bend of mind.

  1. Amusing cab or bus drivers;
  2. Bathrooms of different countries;
  3. Cards in a card shop;
  4. Cars in the parking lot of your school or your apartments;
  5. Categorization of the shopping malls as per the tastes and demands of people;
  6. Christmas presents;
  7. Classification of genders;
  8. Classification of ways to express the feelings;
  9. Classification of your neighbors;
  10. Classification of your teachers;
  11. Classify all the books you have at your home;
  12. Classify change management theories into effective and ineffective in a high school setting;
  13. Classify Christmas presents;
  14. Classify cups/plates. Which are the most/least handy ones?
  15. Classify different inventions on the basis of their importance to mankind;
  16. Classify different types of bank accounts;
  17. Classify different types of doctors and what they do;
  18. Classify different types of love;
  19. Classify different types of plants;
  20. Classify different types of rocks based on formation;
  21. Classify different types of snakes based on if they are venomous or not;
  22. Classify major historical moments in chronological order;
  23. Classify taxes depending on individuals and businesses;
  24. Classify the different songs you have in your iPod;
  25. Classify the different types of bankruptcy;
  26. Classify the movies you like the most according to their theme;
  27. Classify the various winter or summer Olympic sports;
  28. Classify the worst/best dressed people (your family members, school students, celebrities);
  29. Classify winter/summer Olympic sports;
  30. Classify your teachers by their styles of management;
  31. Evaluate 5 different indoor tanning lotions;
  32. Evaluate a few clubs in your area and rate them on self-formed principles;
  33. Evaluate all the libraries in your neighborhood and rate them;
  34. Evaluate and classify a few colleges in your city;
  35. Evaluate five music downloading websites and rate them;
  36. Evaluate shopping centers according to your demands and tastes;
  37. Evaluate the different coffee shops in your neighborhood and rate them;
  38. Evaluate the different types of literature;
  39. Evaluate the different types of political parties;
  40. Evaluate the last 3 books you read and rate them according to your preference;
  41. Evaluate the top selling companies of denims;
  42. Evaluate your performance in school since Grade I;
  43. Fashion sense of people in and around your surroundings;
  44. Gals and guys you would like to go out for a vacation;
  45. Group Hemingway’s works by types of conflict;
  46. Have you ever noticed how people sometimes carry money around? Tell about it;
  47. List of cafes, bistros, pubs, and restaurants;
  48. Make a list of cafes, from worst to best;
  49. Noticing people and their varied expression walking down the road;
  50. Provide a brief classification of literary works by James Michener;
  51. Provide a classification of computers on the basis of their functionality (size, form-factor, computational method);
  52. Provide a classification of data structures with examples;
  53. Provide a classification of Operation systems based on free vs. proprietary;
  54. Provide a classification of Shakespeare’s plays by genres;
  55. Provide a classification of the Ottoman military during the classical period;
  56. Provide a structural classification of army units in the ancient Rome;
  57. Select 10 dictionaries and classify them based on whether they are linguistic or encyclopedic;
  58. Take 5 top companies in the US and Australia and classify them based on they are being managed or led;
  59. The look of your hair at different hours of the day;
  60. The way people carry their money;
  61. Think of ten recent changes you have experienced and classify them as either planned or emergency;
  62. Types of books in you house;
  63. Types of cups and plates which are handy;
  64. Using a list of literature covered in your World literature class, classify it by historical period;
  65. Various ways to acquaint to a girl or a boy;
  66. Ways to get acquainted with a guy/girl – from successful to absolutely hopeless;
  67. What’s in and what’s out;
  68. Write a classification essay of literary archetypes based on Jungian psychology;
  69. Write about cars on your school/college parking lot;
  70. Write about your family’s slippers.