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200 Argumentative/Persuasive – Excellent Ideas for Free

So, you just wanted to write a great argumentative essay? Then you should start with choosing a truly interesting topic. It should be a question which can make you almost fight for your view point. Here’s a collection of interesting and thought-provoking topics. Browse the categories by subjects and topics. Anyway, you’ll find a topic to sink your teeth into in this list. Enjoy!

Argumentative/persuasive essay topics: Advertizing

  1. Advertizing has become a significant part of pop culture.
  2. Word of mouth will never be replaced with other forms of ads.
  3. Humor is the best way for an ad to build a connection with the audience.
  4. Marketing technologies get more and more complicated year after year.
  5. Internet is the most effective channel for advertizing.
  6. Social networks should be free of ads.
  7. 25th shot advertizing should be outlawed.
  8. Advertizing of anything that is potentially harmful to health should be banned.
  9. Temporary tattoo advertizing is stupid.
  10. The marketing tricks with old price/new price aren’t effective anymore.

Argumentative/persuasive essay topics: Animal Testing

  1. Companies which use animal testing should pay higher taxes, than companies which avoid tests on animals.
  2. Products tested on animals should have corresponding labels on them.
  3. Animal testing is ineffective because humans and animals may have different responses to the same ingredients.
  4. Researchers should use cheaper alternatives instead of animal testing.
  5. The Draize eye test is outrageous and should be banned.
  6. Schools should raise students’ awareness on animal testing.
  7. Testing drugs on humans is out of the question.
  8. All forms of animal testing for beauty products should be banned.
  9. Tests on Reconstructed Human Epidermis are more reliable than animal testing.
  10. The progress in medicine would have been impossible without animal testing in the past.

Argumentative/persuasive essay topics: Art

  1. Computer design isn’t art.
  2. Graffiti isn’t an artwork unless it uses canvases.
  3. Audiences sometimes see in artworks what artists didn’t intend to put in them.
  4. Most geniuses are weird.
  5. Artists don’t need much talent to create abstractionist pictures.
  6. Portrait painters add their own features to portraits of other people.
  7. Favorite music can heal.
  8. The historical monuments should be closed from public.
  9. Pregnant women should listen to classic music to increase their babies’ IQ.
  10. Good movies can educate kids.

Argumentative/persuasive essay topics: Business Ethics

  1. Is it ethical to copy the competitors’ best practices?
  2. Is there a real link between sustainability and profits?
  3. Should businesses spend less on advertizing?
  4. Are fines more effective than bonuses for motivating employees?
  5. Does corporate culture affect employee’s loyalty?
  6. Is it possible to be good to customers but bad to employees?
  7. Is it reasonable to cut the costs by dismissing the staff?
  8. Is business leadership critical to the company’s success?
  9. Is change management important to the company’s development?
  10. Has business ethics changed over the previous decade?

Argumentative/persuasive essay topics: College

  1. Students should be paid for good grades.
  2. Modern students have too much homework, which can be bad for their health.
  3. Internet with its distractions hinders the study process.
  4. Teachers should use modern technologies in class.
  5. Lecture recording is less effective than making notes.
  6. All colleges should launch programs to raise students’ awareness on fraternity hazing.
  7. Modern textbooks are too expensive.
  8. A college degree doesn’t guarantee successful employment.
  9. Internships improve students’ chances for further employment.
  10. Classes should start after 11 p.m.

Argumentative/persuasive essay topics: Criminal Justice

  1. Capital punishment should be banned to prevent the deaths of the innocent.
  2. Capital punishment is inhuman and unnecessary.
  3. Criminals need special rehabilitation programs.
  4. War on drugs in America was cruel and ineffective.
  5. Zero Tolerance Policy isn’t effective.
  6. Public shaming of criminal suspects in China has lost its power.
  7. Prosecutors have too much power.
  8. Minors should bear the same responsibility as adults for serious offenses.
  9. Plea bargaining doesn’t undermine the criminal justice system.
  10. The criminal justice system should focus more on rehabilitation than retribution.

Argumentative/persuasive essay topics: Gender Roles

  1. There’s no such an issue in modern society as a glass ceiling.
  2. The politically correct language does nothing but complicates our lives.
  3. The s/he problem in literature is a fruit of our imagination.
  4. Fathers should take parenting leaves.
  5. Women are better managers than men.
  6. Appearance compliments at work are insulting.
  7. Girls shouldn’t ask boys out.
  8. Females prefer intuition to logical thinking.
  9. Men shouldn’t yield their seats in buses to women.
  10. Women are better drivers than men.

Argumentative/persuasive essay topics: Homosexuality

  1. Homosexuality is genetic and absolutely natural.
  2. Gay parades do nothing but advertise same-sex relations.
  3. LGBT awareness should be included into college curriculum.
  4. Parents of gay kids need special psychological counseling.
  5. Transgender individuals need more visibility in mass media.
  6. Same-sex marriages are happier and have lower divorce rates, than heterosexual couples.
  7. Same-sex couples should have the right to marry.
  8. Along with employing different ethnic groups, companies should hire people of different sexual orientations.
  9. There are more gay people today than there were in the past.
  10. Homosexuality should be accepted by society as a norm.

Argumentative/persuasive essay topics: HR

  1. Should managers check employees’ Facebook profiles before hiring them?
  2. Is it acceptable to use lie detectors at job interviews?
  3. Should employees have the right for privacy if they access their personal accounts at work?
  4. Should companies hire more entry level employees?
  5. Is it better to invest in employees’ training or hire experts?
  6. Is internal promotion always better than the external promotion?
  7. Is the transition from colleague to boss possible?
  8. Are professional skills more important than the employee’s ethics?
  9. Is there place for friendship at work?
  10. Should relatives be allowed to work together?

Argumentative/persuasive essay topics: International Economics

  1. Is the shift of textile industry to China bad for other countries?
  2. Is globalization a good idea?
  3. Should all countries stop using nuclear power?
  4. Is the arms race over now?
  5. Should the USA interfere into internal conflicts of other countries?
  6. Is there likelihood of further enlargement of the European Union?
  7. Should developed countries help poor African countries?
  8. Is it true that international trade isn’t about competition because it’s about mutually beneficial exchange?
  9. Does Fair Trade movement improve trading conditions for the developing countries?
  10. Could the adoption of single European currency benefit British firms?

Argumentative/persuasive essay topics: Internet

  1. Should kids be allowed to use social networks before the age of 16?
  2. Are Facebook and Twitter good for communication skills?
  3. Does Linkedin help build professional connections?
  4. Are social media profiles necessary for finding a job?
  5. Does Google spoil us making us stupid?
  6. Is there such a problem as Internet addiction?
  7. Can too much negative information from the web cause a depression?
  8. Should parents have access to Facebook profiles of their teenager kids?
  9. Can Twitter be an instrument of political manipulation?
  10. Should Google share their users’ info with the government agencies?

Argumentative/persuasive essay topics: Language

  1. Language environment is the only way to learn a foreign language on an advanced level.
  2. English should remain a language of international communication.
  3. Bilingual education brings better results.
  4. Kids from bilingual families master both languages equally well.
  5. Slang will gradually become a part of the dictionaries.
  6. Jokes can tell a lot about a person’s mindset.
  7. Politically correct language makes conversations confusing.
  8. Non-verbal communication is worth a thousand of words.
  9. It’s easier to learn a second or a third foreign language than properly master the first one.
  10. Learning a language is impossible without understanding the culture.

Argumentative/persuasive essay topics: Myths

  1. Black cats bring neither good nor bad luck.
  2. Blondes can be smart.
  3. Self-stereotyping is the result of depersonalization.
  4. Idee fixe is a pathological mindset taking a form of obsession.
  5. The main reason why obese people feel disadvantaged is the social stigma.
  6. ‘Irregardless’ is a true English word.
  7. The Great Wall of China is not visible from the Moon.
  8. Alcohol can only make you think that you feel warmer.
  9. A vegetarian diet can provide enough protein for healthy nutrition.
  10. There is no evidence supporting existence of photographic memory.

Argumentative/persuasive essay topics: Parenting

  1. Young couples should take parenting courses and receive parenting licenses.
  2. Stick and carrot motivation doesn’t work with kids.
  3. Parents should become role models for their kids.
  4. Upbringing starts before the baby is born.
  5. Nurture is more important than nature.
  6. Too much control causes phobias in kids.
  7. Parents should respect their kids as independent personalities.
  8. Families should consider homeschooling only if parents have enough time and proper skills.
  9. Democratic parenting style brings the best results.
  10. Adopted kids should learn the truth from their parents.

Argumentative/persuasive essay topics: Popular Culture

  1. Can electronic music be compared to classic music?
  2. Should beauty standards be changed to promote healthy lifestyle?
  3. Can fast food be called a part of the national cuisine?
  4. Do reality shows improve our understanding of psychology?
  5. Do talk shows have negative effects on the audience’s views?
  6. Is fashion a chance for self-expression or is it simply about going with the stream?
  7. School uniform could solve many problems.
  8. Should teachers wear uniforms, too?
  9. Should fashion shows invite horizontally challenged models?
  10. Can classic art help students improve their aesthetic taste?

Argumentative/persuasive essay topics: Professions

  1. Prostitutes need their own labor unions.
  2. Business leadership can’t be learnt.
  3. Teachers should have higher salaries.
  4. We should encourage youth to choose jobs involving physical labor.
  5. Colleges should invite more males to become nurses and schoolteachers.
  6. Babysitting requires appropriate training.
  7. Freelance jobs have taken a big part of labor market.
  8. Talent is necessary to become an actor.
  9. Psychological tests don’t help to choose a profession.
  10. Students should listen to their inner voice when choosing a major.

Argumentative/persuasive essay topics: Psychology

  1. Listening to Mozart’s music doesn’t make anyone smarter.
  2. Cheating at the exams can be addictive.
  3. Men shouldn’t be present at the birth of their babies.
  4. Barbie dolls are bad for the girls’ self-perception.
  5. Smiles is the best answer in different situations.
  6. Fairy tales should be adapted to the modern realities.
  7. Violent video games should be banned.
  8. Facebook can be good for socialization.
  9. Student-teacher positive relations are the key to student’s success.
  10. People should stop comparing themselves with others.

Argumentative/persuasive essay topics: Religion

  1. Do people need one single religion?
  2. Can religious feelings justify wars?
  3. Is religion the real cause of the numerous conflicts?
  4. Is islamophobia in the USA after 9/11 real?
  5. Should people violating the religious feelings of others be imprisoned?
  6. Does a theism make people crueler?
  7. Do most people turn to religion only when something bad happens?
  8. Should religion be included in school curriculum?
  9. Can it be a coincidence that most of the world religions have stories about the miraculous immaculate conception of the God’s son?
  10. Should kids have the right to choose a religion for them without their parents’ pressure?

Argumentative/persuasive essay topics: Sports

  1. Physical training should be mandatory at schools and colleges.
  2. Chess is a kind of sports.
  3. Adrenalin is not worth the risks of extreme sport.
  4. Computer games are not a sport.
  5. College athletes can be smart.
  6. To be honest, professional sport should be cheaper.
  7. Football requires using intellect.
  8. Power lifting is not appropriate for women.
  9. Yoga supports body and soul.
  10. Sport addiction can be bad for health.

Argumentative/persuasive essay topics: Technologies

  1. Cell phones are bad for kids’ health.
  2. People should not buy new TV sets if their old ones work well.
  3. We should put more social ads on the web.
  4. Kids under the age of 18 shouldn’t use Facebook, MySpace, etc.
  5. Students don’t need to learn handwriting anymore.
  6. Paper books will die in 10-20 years.
  7. Technologies should work for your health (e.g. monitors controlling if you sit up straight or not).
  8. Genetically modified foods should be banned worldwide.
  9. Human employees should not be replaced with machines.
  10. We should throw away our throw-away lifestyles.